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Betting Tips Premier League Round 20 specials

Since today is far from being an ordinary betting Friday, we are forced to look into tomorrow’s schedule and it’s specials. And so our betting tips will be. The first thing we would like to gamble is “own goal”. It goes without saying that you cannot rely upon any statistic to place a bet like this. It comes only from pure inspiration. So we will go with the “Exactly 1” option that comes with odds 37/20. Not so much you might say, but then again we don’t see so many own goals, so it seems a fair price.

On Premier League round 19, we had 32 goals. Do you think that we could witness the same? Well, if you do then you might believe that with 41/20 odds it is totally worth the risk. On the other hand, we think that it would be a less productive day, so we will go with the “26-30 goals” option(odds 1/1). But you don’t have to take us for granted. If you think that this round will be a Goal Rhapsody Round” (that means that all matches will end over with 2,5 goals) all you have to do is make this choice. And you will get 350 pounds for everyone you bet. Not so bad isn’t it?

A home-team round

Another interesting option is the “How many home wins” special bet. From a first quick look we could say that there will be at least 4. The line on this bet is at 4,5 (odds for over are 3/5 and for under 5/4). So if our guess is correct, then we need just one win to confirm the over option. So we will go for it. We think that the line is too high (103,5) so we will pick the “under 103,5” choice(at 20/21). 

Finally, we will try to predict the team with the most goals in this round. Manchester United in post-Mourinho era is playing with an attractive and offensive style. We think they can do it again against Bournemouth. It pays well (14/5) and it will be in our betslip for sure. 




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