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Tom Brady and Bill Belichick are headed to their ninth Super Bowl as a group, and their third in a row. That first trip for this New England era came in 2002 when they beat the Rams.

Super Bowl 53, also known as Super Bowl LIII, is scheduled for Sunday, Feb. 3 2019.  It will be held at Mercedes-Benz Stadium (can host 71,000 people but can expand to seat more than 80,000) in Atlanta. Like U.S. Bank Stadium, the building that hosted last year’s Super Bowl, Mercedes-Benz Stadium is a brand new facility that happens to feature a giant glass wall. And while weather again will not be a factor in an indoor stadium for the Super Bowl in 2019, attendees will appreciate warmer temperatures outside the venue.


Los Angeles Rams

The last hurdle for the team of Los Angeles were the New Orleans Saints. They beat the Saints on overtime after a doubtful decision on last second of the game. The non-call for a pass interference of Rams gave them the chance to go on overtime and qualify to Super Bowl. If the pass interference was charged Saints would take their place. The reporters of New Orleans have found out that 4 of 7 referees were from the State of California. Conspiracy theory? No one can tell.

But the thing is that Rams really deserve their presence on Super Bowl. Quarterback Joseph Goff proved just why the Rams had selected him as the first pick on draft. Todd Gurley had made another great season being the first rusher, and with the help of C. J. Anderson that join them from Orlando made a powerful team. On the bench of Los Angeles Rams is Sean McVeigh. He will be the first coach to guide a team at Super Bowl in his early thirties and in the second season on team. Rams overall record this year was 13-3. Like in 1999. And guess what. At the end of that season Rams won the Super Bowl. Their only one. What do you think? Can they do it again?



New England Patriots

No matter if you a fan or hater, there are not many things to say about them. On Atlanta, Patriots will play in their 4th Super Bowl in the last 5 years. They are like the Chicago Bulls from ’90s at NBA. And Tom Brady wants to win his 6th ring. Just like Michael Jordan. They make it to the final with an away win over Chiefs at Kansas City. They also needed the overtime and their experience to beat them in a game that was held in terrible cold.

Patriots this season had their second-worst record the last 10 years (11-5) following a horrible start.



Betting on Super Bowl

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