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Novibet: Premier League – Outrights 2018/19 (video)


With just 7 matches left(for some teams it’s 8 due to FA Cup fixtures), Premier League is getting in it’s most exciting period. After the international break, all Premier teams must be ready for the final mile. So many answers to be given in just a few weeks. Will Liverpool win their first Championship title since season 1989-90? Or City will go for a back to back title? Which of the big-six will participate in Champions League next season? And finally which team will prevail the relegation dogfight and stay in the league in the season to come?

We started shaping our beliefs about what is going to happen from now to May. We think we have a general idea about most of the questions. Or at least some hopes. We are pretty sure that you have too. We will try to make some money of it.  And we will have a look at the bookie with the most interesting odds of the industry. Do you care to have a look at Novibet’s sportsbook? 



Premier League – The Champion

First of all, let us have a look for the 2018/19 Premier League winner. Liverpool were on the top for most of the season but after a month they lost their 7 points lead and now they are considered as the underdogs. They will host Spurs and Chelsea in the most important clashes until the end. If the Reds succeed to the rest of their campaign then the odds of Novibet for title winner (39/20) are considered more than value. City, of course, are the favourite, the ultimate favourite for the title. They might be two points behind currently, with one match to give, but their schedule until the end is rather easy. They will host Spurs and they will be hosted at Old Trafford by their city rivals in the most difficult games. Probably that’s why Novibet gives them 21/50. 

Premier League – The Rest

The rest of the big-six will fight for the two remaining places for next season’s Champions League. Novibet thinks that the current placement on the table will remain until the end. So Tottenham (9/20) and Arsenal(1/2) will finish at the top-4 and will be on the September’s draw for UEFA Champions League group stage. Man Utd(5/4) and Chelsea (2/1), on the other hand, is predicted to end under the Champions League zone.

As for relegation fight, well Novibet doesn’t see it as a fight. Given by the odds, the bookie strongly believes that the team to accompany Fulham and Huddersfield at Championship will be Cardiff(3/10). Burnley (27/10), Southampton (20/1), Brighton (34/1), Crystal Palace (80/1), Newcastle (100/1), Bournemouth (200/1) and Everton (500/1) could feel extremely safe about their future in the Premier League. 

Huddersfield are on the bottom of the table with three points less than Fullam. Those two proved that they didn’t belong in the League. And if you believe that their ranking will remain the same until the end then you can bet on it. At 1/10 are the odds for Huddersfield to finish last and 5/1 for Fulham. It’s up to you.

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