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Betting School – Over/Under Market Guide

Over/Under is a wager intensely famous not only in football events but also in basketball, tennis and many other sports. In the beginning, the condition was set at 2,5 goals, but over the years we’ve seen several versions of over/under  (such as under 1,5/over 1,5, under/over 3,5, etc.) and because bookies don’t limit your choices you can also find an over/under option for corners, cards etc.

Over/Under the rules

Under/over is a straightforward type of bet.  All you need to do is to select your game, then choose to back “over 2.5 goals” or “under 2.5 goals”. If you back up the first option you win after the third goal. With an “under 2.5 goals” bet you win until a third goal is scored.

There are many variants for this bet. For example, if the bookmakers set the main line at 2.5 goals, you can always choose the over 1,5 total goals option to maximise your possibilities to win. You will just need 2 goals to win, but of course, the odds will be less than the ones offered for the main line.

If you want better odds than 2,5, you can always choose over 3,5. You are just 4 goals away from being a winner and to see a significant increase in your money.


May the odds be with you

There are several reasons for a player to choose the “over/under” wage. Let’s see the most important one. You have better chances to win. At least in theory. Because you have to choose between two options (50% to earn). On the contrary the 1,2, X wage gives you just a 33,3% possibility to select the winning pick. Several players frequently choose the over/under wage wait for the begging of the game to make their best to get higher odds. It’s a strategy that can seriously increase your profits if you follow it in long terms. For example, you choose a game that you are almost certain that will confirm your «over 2,5» pick. But the pre-game odds are not satisfying at all. You wait for the kick-off and hope there will not be an early goal. Then as minutes are passing by the odds will go higher. Now is your chance to bet and get a proper odd. Best of luck!


Asian Handicap Over/Under

And if you are in to under/over why not try the Asian Handicap.  Asian handicap betting is extremely popular among players just because it gives a great advantage comparing to simple over/under, you can receive your stake, depending of course at your pick. In this market you can see over/under 2, 3, 4, 5 goals., but you can also meet  2,25, 2,75, 3,25, 3,75 goals. Confusing? Not Exactly. Let’s see them one by one:

Asian Handicap Over / Under 2 goals

It is like a draw no bet wage and is widely considered as a safe choice of betting. If you bet on the Over 2 goals line, you need more than 2 goals to win your wager. If the match ends with one goal being scored you lose if it ends with two goals you will get a full refund. In the same manner, if you choose over 3, over 4 etc.

Asian Handicap Over/Under 2.25 goals

This is a unique aspect of Asian total. It works like this: Let’s suppose that we choose over 2,25 in a pre-game market. It actually means that you put half your stake on over 2 and the other half on over 2,5. You win if the total goals are 3 or more. If two goals are scored you will see the indication win/loss because half of you bet will be Push and the other half is granted loss. You lose your bet with one goal or less.

Asian Handicap Over/Under 2,75 goals

Another Asian quarter bet. If you have chosen over then, you need more than three goals to win the stake. In this case with exactly three goals you’ll get half your bet back and lose the other half. Less than three goals mean you lose the bet.


Goal/goal and No Goal

Many players choose this wage. All you need to do is to forecast whether or not both teams will score at least one goal each. It’s as simple as that. If they do and you have picked goal/goal you are a winner. If they don’t score, then we wish you better luck next time.

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