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Accumulator Bets – Pros and Cons

Accumulator Bets

Sports betting can always go two ways. One, you can consider it entertainment and practice it for high adrenaline levels. Two, you can excel it and see it as a way of making a profit. The first option comes with placing risky and not always logical bets, while the other option is to consider it a game of numbers and thorough calculations. However, with the rise of accumulator bets, punters worldwide were given an opportunity to combine both these sports betting options. Being able to place one bet with multiple selections promises high payouts and even higher risk. Thus, it comes as no surprise that accumulator bets have grown into a top pick among bettors. In that regard, we’d like to introduce you to accumulator bets, provide you with some tips as well as list the pros and cons of this popular betting concept.


Accumulator Bets Explained

What are accumulator bets, one may wonder? Well, let us help with this. Accumulator bets are bets involving more than one selection. Usually, accumulator bets include at least four selections and more. Simply put, accumulators are bets consisting of several other bets under the same stake. If this sounds complicated, let’s simplify it with an example. For instance, there are four upcoming Premier League games coming up and you want to bet on all of them.

Instead of placing single bets for each separate game, you can include all your selections on one slip. If all four guesses are correct, you win a juicy prize. On the other hand, if only one guess fails you, you lose the entire bet. Why would anyone place accumulator bets if that’s the situation? Well, the possible returns are much higher on accumulator bets as the risk of losing is increased as well.


Calculating Accumulator Bets

We already mentioned that the value of accumulator bets is usually much higher than placing single bets. Nevertheless, in order to be sure of this, you must know how to calculate the worth of accumulator bets. Doing this is easy as all you need to do is multiply the bet size with each of the odds of your selections. So, if you want to stake £5 on games with respective odds of 1.75, 1.60, 2.45 and 2.32 you should do the following calculation: 5 x 1.75 x 1.60 x 2.45 x 2.32 and get the possible return of £79.5 (including the £5 stake).

The same calculation applies to fractional odds too. However, in that case, you need to divide the odds and then add +1 to their result before multiplying them. For instance, if the odds are 6/11, 8/10, 3/4 and 7/5 you’ll use the following calculation: 5 x (6/11 +1) x (8/10 +1) x (3/4 +1) x (7/5 +1). In any case, if the accumulator bet’s possible return is much higher than the sum of the returns of the individual bets, it would be a good idea to go for it.



Tips for Accumulator Bets

If you’re taking your first steps in accumulator betting, then we would like to give a few tips to have in mind. The first one is to never exaggerate the number of selections. You can go for 4, 5 and even 8 selections. However, the more selections you have, the higher the chances one of them can ruin your entire slip. Another tip is to find accumulator bet bonuses, like the acca insurance. This way, you can get refunds on some of your losses and a possible second chance to win some cash.

Naturally, it is always smart to do your research before placing bets, so don’t be lazy as this can cost you your entire slip as well. Additionally, it’s wise to stay away from short odds as these rarely pay off when included in accumulator bets. Finally, we advise you to be sensible, patient and smart. Accumulator bets involve many losses alongside huge wins. Neither of these should rock your world and you should remain calm as well as stick to your long-term betting strategy.

Pros and Cons of Accumulator Bets

Even though accumulator bets are quite attractive and can prove profitable, they do have certain disadvantages. So, we will list both their main pros as well as their most serious cons in order to help you decide whether this concept works for your betting style or not.


Naturally, the strongest suit of accumulator bets is the possibility to win massive prizes with a small bet. Moreover, this lets you combine multiple games and make the most out of bets you believe are guaranteed wins. Additionally, they offer high adrenaline levels, which rarely come with simple single bets.



Obviously, the main disadvantage of accumulator bets is the high level of risk that comes with every such bet. You can have five correct guesses against one wrong guess and still lose the entire bet. Plus, the offer on accumulator bets is not as wide as the one for other standard betting options. Therefore, accumulator bets are usually avoided by professional bettors, who have a strict strategy and stay away from high-risk bets.




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