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“FM-obsessed manager” eyes Premier League role

John Sampson March 22, 2023
“FM-obsessed manager” eyes Premier League role

Will Still is here to stay, as the 30-year-old coach leading Reims in an extraordinary season in Ligue 1. The rumours that he is an FM-obsessed manager spread fast, but Still is more than that. He was appointed last October, leading the team to a 19-game streak without facing a single loss (10 wins and 9 draws) before Marseille broke that record. Everyone in Stade Auguste-Delaune and France knows his name, but the news travel fast.

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Recently, Still wanted to clear his name about all the info regarding his abilities. Sure, he loved to play Football Manager, but Reims didn’t hire him because of a great run in the famous game. He played football at a low level in Belgium and then and when he moved to England,  Football Manager was the trigger for his transition into coaching. He went to college and studied for a degree in football coaching, convincing Reims to hire him as an interim coach at the beginning of his journey.

Still is not yet holding a UEFA Pro License, which led Reims to pay 22.000 pounds for every game he oversees from the bench. He stated though that this fine is not on any longer, because he started all the procedures, but also the training, to obtain the necessary license. He has not finished it yet, but the courses are happening.

West Ham manager role story is spreading day after day. Still is a West Ham fan and the club is flattered by his coaching abilities, but David Moyes remains in the dugouts. The Anglo-Belgian manager wants the reporters to put some respect on Moye’s job in East London, but in case the board would relieve the 59-year-old head coach of his duties, Still will be open to a potential Premier League role in the love of his life.

Until then, Reims will keep on dreaming of a European exit, seeing Florian Balogun scoring game after game, while Moyes fights to avoid relegation, but also keeping the hope alive, regarding the Europa Conference League trophy.

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