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Premier League 2022/23 fixtures announced

super-administrator June 16, 2022

Manchester City and Liverpool will start their 2022/23 campaign away from home. Both teams will travel to London to face West Ham and Fulham. Manchester United will face Brighton and Hove Albion, seeking revenge for their heavy defeat on May (4-0).

The Premier League is back! Save the… dates!

Manchester City will face Liverpool for the 11th day at the Anfield (15/10), while the Reds will travel to the Etihad on the 1st of April, in clashes that may decide the 2022/23 Champions.

The full list of the biggest clashes

13/08/22: Chelsea v Tottenham

20/08/22: Man. Utd v Liverpool

03/09/22: Man. Utd v Arsenal

10/09/22: Man. City v Spurs

17/09/22: Chelsea v Liverpool

01/10/22: Arsenal v Tottenham

01/10/22: Man. City v Man. Utd

08/10/22: Arsenal v Liverpool

15/10/22: Liverpool v Man. City

18/10/22: Arsenal v Man City

19/10/22: Man. Utd v Tottenham

22/10/22: Chelsea v Man Utd

05/11/22: Chelsea v Arsenal

05/11/22: Tottenham v Liverpool

02/01/22: Chelsea v Man. City

14/01/23: Man. Utd v Man. City

14/01/23: Tottenham v Arsenal

21/01/23: Arsenal v Man. Utd

21/01/23: Liverpool v Chelsea

04/02/23: Tottenham v Man. City

25/02/23: Tottenham v Chelsea

04/03/23: Liverpool v Man. Utd

01/04/23: Man. City v Liverpool

08/04/23: Liverpool v Arsenal

22/04/23: Man. Utd v Chelsea

25/04/23: Tottenham v Man. Utd

26/04/23: Man. City v Arsenal

29/04/23: Liverpool v Tottenham

20/05/23: Man. City v Chelsea


The Boxing Day Fixtures

Arsenal v West Ham

Aston Villa v Liverpool

Brentford v Spurs

Chelsea v Bournemouth

Crystal Palace v Fulham

Everton v Wolves

Leeds v Manchester City

Leicester v Newcastle Utd

Manchester Utd v Nottingham Forest

Southampton v Brighton



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The List of the Previous Premier League Champions

Season Champions Runners-up Third place
2021–22 Manchester City Liverpool Chelsea
2020–21 Manchester City Manchester United Liverpool
2019–20 Liverpool Manchester City Manchester United
2018–19 Manchester City Liverpool Chelsea
2017–18 Manchester City Manchester United Tottenham Hotspur
2016–17 Chelsea Tottenham Hotspur Manchester City
2015–16 Leicester City Arsenal Tottenham Hotspur
2014–15 Chelsea Manchester City Arsenal
2013–14 Manchester City Liverpool Chelsea
2012–13 Manchester United Manchester City Chelsea
2011–12 Manchester City Manchester United Arsenal
2010–11 Manchester United Chelsea Manchester City
2009–10 Chelsea Manchester United Arsenal
2008–09 Manchester United Liverpool Chelsea
2007–08 Manchester United Chelsea Arsenal
2006–07 Manchester United Chelsea Liverpool
2005–06 Chelsea Manchester United Liverpool
2004–05 Chelsea Arsenal Manchester United
2003–04 Arsenal Chelsea Manchester United
2002–03 Manchester United Arsenal Newcastle United
2001–02 Arsenal Liverpool Manchester United
2000–01 Manchester United Arsenal Liverpool
1999–2000 Manchester United Arsenal Leeds United
1998–99 Manchester United Arsenal Chelsea
1997–98 Arsenal Manchester United Liverpool
1996–97 Manchester United Newcastle United Arsenal
1995–96 Manchester United Newcastle United Liverpool
1994–95 Blackburn Rovers Manchester United Nottingham Forest
1993–94 Manchester United Blackburn Rovers Newcastle United
1992–93 Manchester United Aston Villa Norwich City
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