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The Premier League relegation battle is heating up (Update 18 April)

Angelos Anastassopoulos April 18, 2023

We are just seven matches away from the end of the Premier League season and theoretically only five teams are safe from relegation. In all actuality, it is far more than that, but the relegation battle is as exciting as it has ever been. The 18th place, which equals relegation to the Championship, and the 12th spot on the Premier League table are separated by just six points. So who will survive and who will wave goodbye to the Premier League and its lucrative TV deal?

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If you need some refreshing about the relegation race, take a look at the Premier League table and stats. You will need that knowledge to continue. Ready? Let’s go. Let’s see the odds on who will remain in the Premier League next season and who will drop down to the English Championship.

Premier League Relegation Odds

We will show you the relegation odds, points behind 17th or ahead of 18th place and the remaining schedule of the teams in question.


Relegation odds: 3/50
Current position: 20th
Points behind 17th: 4
Remaining schedule: Arsenal (a), Bournemouth (h), Newcastle (a), Forest (a), Fulham (h), Brighton (a), Liverpool (h)

Another week, another loss for Southampton. After 11 years in the Premier League, the Saints are the absolute favourites to not only get relegated but also finish dead last. Two managerial changes, only six wins in 30 matches and not a single one in more than a month, make things hard for them.

Nottingham Forest

Relegation odds: 7/25
Current position: 18th
Points behind 17th: 0
Remaining schedule: Liverpool (a), Brighton (h), Brentford (a), Southampton (h), Chelsea (a), Arsenal (h), Palace (a)

Forest are not second-to-last in the standings, but they are the second biggest favourites to be relegated. They have the worst goal difference in the Premier League but are still level on points with Everton, who are the last club to avoid relegation as things stand right now.


Relegation odds: 18/25
Current position: 19th
Points behind 17th: 2
Remaining schedule: Wolves (h), Leeds (a), Everton (h), Fulham (a), Liverpool (h), Newcastle (a), West Ham (h)

Leicester’s season has been a disaster. They now have a new manager, after Brendan Rodgers was let go, but things are hard. They are winless in nine matches, but they do have three games against relegation rivals in their next five weeks.


Relegation Odds: 1/1
Current position: 17th
Points ahead of 18th: 0
Remaining schedule: Palace (a), Newcastle (h), Leicester (a), Brighton (a), Man City (h), Wolves (a), Bournemouth (h)

Continuously at the top flight of English football since 1954, Everton had impressed at home under new manager Sean Dyche. Until last weekend, when they lost 3-1 to a Mitrovic-less Fulham. They are unlucky to only have three home games remaining, including the ones against City and Newcastle.


Relegation Odds: 17/5
Current position: 16th
Points ahead of 18th: 2
Remaining schedule: Fulham (a), Leicester (h), Bournemouth (a), Man City (a), Newcastle (h), West Ham (a), Spurs (h)

Leeds have conceded 11 goals in their last two games. They are in the worst of states and they have a tough schedule. The odds will drop more, as they perform terribly on the field.



Relegation Odds: 12/1
Current position: 14th
Points ahead of 18th: 6
Remaining schedule: West Ham (h), Southampton (a), Leeds (h), Chelsea (h), Palace (a), Man United (h), Everton (a)

The win at Leicester gave Bournemouth a breather. The one at Tottenham gave them smiles. Things are far from over, though. They have a very tough schedule and that factors into their odds being where they are, particularly when compared to West Ham.

West Ham

Relegation Odds: 19/1
Current position: 15th
Points ahead of 18th: 4
Remaining schedule: Bournemouth (a), Liverpool (h), Palace (a), Man City (a), Man United (h), Brentford (a), Leeds (h), Leicester (a)

West Ham come from two great results: a win against Fulham and a comeback draw against Arsenal. West Ham have a particularly tough schedule (they do have one match in hand though) and they have to balance between fighting to avoid relegation and competing for the Europa Conference League.


Relegation odds: 14/1
Current position: 13th
Points ahead of 18th: 7
Remaining schedule: Leicester (a), Palace (h), Brighton (a), Villa (h), Man United (a), Everton (h), Arsenal (a)

Wolves are the most inconsistent team in the Premier League. One week they concede four goals and lose to Leeds at home. Next week they beat Chelsea. You really cannot trust them, but they do have one of the most favourable schedules among relegation candidates.

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The odds

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