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Read, learn, bet for Brexit on Novibet

Would 2018 be the last year of UK in the European Union? According to Novibet yes. The bookie thinks that in 2019 the British will wave goodbye and if you do believe so then you can place your money there. Of course, the odds offered are far from satisfying(1/3), but then again it gives a lot more than a safe bet could possibly give. If you still want to earn more, then you can guess the year of next elections.

If 2019 brings besides the Brexit a total change of scenery (5/4 for 2019 to be the election year) then you can bet for the next prime minister. Would it be Jeremy Corbyn(4/1), Boris Johnson(5/1) or someone else? And yet, which party will have the overall majority (Conservative majority gives 9/4  and Labour majority 5/2), or who will hold most seats(Conservative gives 8/11  and Labour 1/1) and many more bets about Britain’s future. And you don’t have to stay there.

If you think you know enough to predict USA’s, Scottland’s and Ireland’s political future, well Novibet has all the needed choices.

Last but not least. Besides Britain would anyone else from the European Union will pace to exit before the end of 2025? According to bookie yes. Who would it be? Hint it’s not Greece. If you want to know the answer you know what to do. Just log-in to Novibet.

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