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Who will win the Premier League? (Update 17 April)

John Sampson April 17, 2023
We figured out who will win the Premier League

We are hitting the final turn and the Premier League is a two-horse race. Arsenal have stunned everyone to be on top of the League, but Manchester City seem to have the momentum, especially after the Gunners failed to win at West Ham, after being 2-0 up. Who do you pick as the next Champion of England? What do the odds say? And the ultimate question: Who will win the Premier League?

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Who will win the Premier League

By briefly looking at the Premier League table you might think Arsenal have a safety cushion. But they really don’t. They are four points ahead (but you know there is a big but coming), but City have one match in hand, plus they play Arsenal at home. There is a scenario where the two finish level on points and the title is decided on goal difference. Right now, City are seven goals ahead in the tie-breaker.

Why bet on Manchester City

City are the favourites according to the best betting sites. There is a reason why. They are on fire right now and they are scoring in buckets. In their last six games, regardless of competition, they have scored 27 goals, conceding just two. Most teams that are behind in the standings know that things are out of their control. For City that is not true. If they win every match and maintain their goal difference lead, they win the title, simple as that.

Why bet on Arsenal

Arsenal have been one of the nicest Premier League stories of the season, along with Brighton and Brentford. They have shown that the have cold blood and can pull a comeback (even if this weekend showed otherwise). They do have a tougher schedule (playing Newcastle and City away), but there is a reason to believe that they might win it all. Unlike City, Arsenal only have the Premier League to worry about. Man City also have a certain Champions League aspiration, plus the FA Cup.

The remaining schedule

City have one match more to play, they have the Arsenal match at home, and they do have a theoretically easier schedule.

Arsenal: Southampton (H), Man City (A), Chelsea (H), Newcastle (A), Brighton (H), Forest (A), Wolves (H)
City: Brighton (A), Arsenal (H), Fulham (A), West Ham (H), Leeds (H), Everton (A), Chelsea (H), Brentford (A)

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