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10 tips for successful betting

super-administrator January 10, 2022

The road for successful betting is long and winding. In this guide we aim to offer a shortcut that was shown to us by betting professionals and sports analysts. They are mainly meant as a response to many of your questions, such as “how to bet and win in soccer” or “how to win big on football bets” this guide aims to assist you to make your first steps in the fascinating world of online betting. Make sure that you pay heed to the following tips as you are sure to find important info to start earning money from betting.

1. Have an account on many bookmakers

successful betting

The most useful and important tips for successful betting are not always match oriented. A punter must know a number of things before he even places a bet. Having an account on more than one bookmaker is one of them. Because if you want to know how to bet on sports successfully, you must be ready to exploit everything. Given that the competition between bookmakers is fierce you may see big differences in odds. So why bet on a single bookmaker when another one could offer you more value to your bet? Combine the fact that some bookmakers don’t offer a large variety of special markets in some sports, (despite the fact that they are considered to have the best odds among betting sites) the need to have many accounts is essential. You can find the world’s most trustworthy brands on our full list of bookmakers and pick those that best cover your needs.

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3. Open an account on a betting exchange

If you have followed the previous step, there is one last thing to do. Open an account on a betting exchange. “But I already have a few betting accounts. What’s the use of another one” you may ask. First of all, you’ll get the best odds because there is no commission here. Secondly, you can bet as much money as you can afford literally on every match you wish, without the fear that the bookmaker will close or set limits to your account. And of course if you consider yourself an experienced bettor, you can act as a bookmaker as long as you have the necessary means. So if the real question is “Can you make money from betting?” the obvious answer is “yes, but you should have an account on a betting exchange”.

4. Stick to one sport and few leagues

Most punters are looking for successful sports betting strategies, so they could make some profit from online gaming. Truth be told there are as many different sports strategies as there are punters. In the end nearly everyone just picks his own. But the very common base of every strategy is one and it unquestionable. Don’t mess around with too many sports or leagues. You simply can’t be knowledgeable about every team and player. Remember that your purpose is to find those easy bets to win money not overcomplicate stuff. By gaining expertise in one sport and just a few leagues you have the time and the means to know all the needed stats, information and reports that will help you make your final decision. Remember that we wager to win and not just to pass our time. There are plenty of other ways to spend your time, betting should be considered as a wise investment of your time and money.

5. Understand implied probability

How can I be good at sports betting? You have to understand and start using some terms and practices. Implied probability is one of them. So how is it important in sports betting? In simple words you convert the betting odds into percentages using the following formula (1/odds*100). For example if the odds are at 1.80 then the implied probability is 1/1.80*100= 55.55%. That percentage represents how probable the bookmakers think an outcome is. So if your assessed percentage is higher than the bookmakers’ estimation (for example, you think that the odds should be at around 1.50 or 1.60) then you should go for it. In other words, implied probability is the way that you can find if the bet you are about to place is a valued one. 

6. Profit with matched betting

The first step is to have an account on two bookmakers. One of the bookmakers like Ladbrokes football betting must have high odds and the other one must offer a freebet or something similar on a specific match. Let’s say that bookie A is letting you get a €25 freebet if you back Liverpool to win on odds of 1.80. If you lay Liverpool at the other bookie at 2.10 then you can place your bet. If you place 5 euros at the away win or draw you will get 2.10*5= 10.50. If the Reds win you will receive 1.80*5=9. So you either get both a small profit and a €25 freebet, or you receive a €25 free bet at the cost of only €1. Continue this procedure and maximize your wins. Tip: in between make sure to place some bets in other types of bet – accumulators will just do the job – otherwise you might see your account limited or closed.

7. Understand ROI when picking a tipster

ROI stands for Return On Investment. It is a key performance indicator in terms of efficiency and helps you understand how good a tipster is. When you are searching for which tipster to follow make sure his stats are available. In these stats don’t check his recent performance or hits. The ROI will indicate his overall performance. There are tipsters that may be on a hot streak and have many successful tips in a row. But they might have done so with low odds. In the long term, you probably lose some money or not have the expected profit. But a tipster with a positive ROI performance simply means that you’ll get a guaranteed raise on your money. So the ROI will help you make your final decision.

8. Organize your bankroll & stake

This one is clear as the sun. Just a reminder that even the most successful betting strategies will eventually fail if you don’t keep your stake steady till the end. So each season before you start betting decide how much you are about to spend and after that make sure you determine how much every stake will be. In addition, you can set the amount of every unit. In that manner, you can set the stake according to the importance of every bet.

9. Remove sentiment from betting

It should be at the top 10 of the tips to win football bets. Never place your bets guided by sentiment. We all support a team or two that we like to watch them play and win. That’s natural. We are football fans after all. But when it comes to betting, we should act like pros. It goes without saying that we want our club to win in every match if possible. That doesn’t necessarily mean that this is going to happen. Being able to separate your feelings from facts will make you a solid punter. So when you make your picks, make sure that you either want to listen to your feelings and back your team to win, or use your brain to pick the right matches.

10. Keep a record

Another common question that punters make is “how to be the best at sports betting”. This is not easy to answer it as there are many things to take into consideration and they affect your betting performance. But you have to start somewhere. So the very first thing you should do before every betting session is to prepare a spreadsheet in which you’ll write down all your placed bets in as much detail as possible. In that manner, you’ll always have everything in control so you can change or adjust your strategy. In addition, you can always correct your mistakes. Two wrongs won’t make a right, but they will surely enough bust your bankroll.

Avoid placing “fun bets”

Are you wondering how can you make money from betting?”. Are you by any chance wondering if you can make a profit from fun bets? The answer is an emphatic NO. There isn’t such thing as a “fun bet”, because there is no fun in losing money betting on improbable outcomes. Many punters usually after big wins, will place some money usually backing a correct score or something similar. Sure you might win a few of those bets, but you’ll probably spend more money than you will earn. After all, we might all believe that Nessie lives in the Loch Ness, but we are not willing to bet our hard-earned money on her next appearance.

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