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What happens to a bet when a game is suspended?

super-administrator April 27, 2022

Betting match suspension

There are some things that a punter should take into consideration before placing a bet. The team’s form is one thing. But this is not a betting guide. It is more of a know your rights guide. Your gambling rights to be more precise. In this guide, we will see what happens with your bet when a game is suspended.


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What happens when a game is suspended?

When a game is suspended you don’t want to be a member of any bookmaker’s customer service crew. Hundreds of messages or phone calls from clients are in order. All with the same question. “This game was suspended, what will happen with my bets?”. But the answer can’t be just one, as there must be different types of bets. And the future of your bet slip depends on that. So, the answer that you will get in a case like this would be “Please inform us about the type of your bet”. Let’s see their actual response when you give them the required information.

Match result / any kind of handicap

If that is your bet, then you have to wait a little bit more. Up to 48 hours. Bookmakers will wait that long and if the match will not be finished even if that deadline expires, then your bet will be settled as void. That means that you’ll get your wager amount back if it is a single bet, or this game will have a 1.00 multiplier if you have placed a parlay. It goes without saying that if the match will continue and will finish in that time, then the fate of your bet will be sealed from the final result of the game. As it was supposed to be in the first place.


Again, you’ll have to wait for 48 hours. But the thing in this type of bet is that if the match will not resume during this period, then your bet will be settled as lost. After 48 hours, bookmakers consider final the score of the time of suspension. Tough luck if the score was 1-1 and you only waited for just one goal.

Both Teams To Score/ Not

Same as above. For both those types of bets, the regulations are the same. So, if the game will be stopped and your bet is still open then you have two days. After that, the bet will be settled as lost. This is a type of bet often paired with some of the most common betting deposit bonus offers.

Scorer/ Exact Score

In the first case – that is if you placed a bet on the match’s scorer – then your bet will be lost if the game will not continue. The only chance here, is to see the teams come back to the field before the time expires. Totally different story if you tried to guess the exact score of the match. The bet will be void when they will announce that the match will be postponed.

What happens if a basketball match is suspended?

Let’s see now what happens when a game of basketball is suspended. All bets are settled as void if the match will be postponed. If for example, you have placed a bet to match’s full-time result with or without a handicap then the bet will be void and you’ll get a refund. Contrary to football betting rules bet slips are settled as void even if your selection was over/under or picked some other special markets.


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What happens if a tennis match is suspended?

If a game will never start – due to heavy rain for example – then the bet will be settled as void and you’ll get your money back. But you’ll have to take into consideration that if a game of tennis will be suspended because player A was losing and resigned during the second set, then all bets that couldn’t have been won (for example player A to win the match with 2-0 set) then this bet is considered lost. All other choices (for example final score 2-1, 0-2 or 1-2) will be settled as void. As well as the winner etc.

What happens when a game is postponed?

We always suggest reading carefully the Terms and Conditions before joining a bookmaker. You can find there how each bookmaker deals with games that have been suspended or postponed. For example, some bookies offer cash-out during the 48 hours. Or even settle the bets after 24 or 72 hours. Also, note that some bookmakers have the «play or pay» rule. That simply means that if for example have placed a bet about a game’s scorer and the player is not a starter and will be not on the field until the suspension, then according to that rule the bet will be settled as lost.

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