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Betting on low odds

super-administrator September 3, 2019

Low odds usually correlate with an event being highly likely to happen. Low odds betting is widely considered as a safe way of making some money. Not easy money – there isn’t such a thing in sports betting – but there is a way to minimize the risk. After all, we are looking to win right? In this guide we will try to give not just the interpretation of the sports betting on low odds, but also some betting low odds tips.


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What are low odds 

Low odds are lines priced around 1.20 and 1.40. Now on to the money question. Is it easy to bet big on low odds? It’s not easy but trust us, winning is feasible. But when it comes to betting habits, we aim to remove any sentiment and only use our minds. And this is the only way we can actually make a profit by betting on short priced odds. 

Low odds football betting

Betting on low odds is usually a pattern used by freshmen and bettors that prefer wagering large amounts of money. Short odds betting may seem easy, as you are basically backing favorites or other obvious selections, but trust us it is not. One or two losses in a row might cause your bank roll enough damage that you will need a big winning streak just to break even. So it goes without saying that a betting large amounts on low odds strategy like the one below is needed. 

Best staking plan for low odds

We said it before in almost every one of our guides, that if you want to be a successful punter the most important element you should acquire is discipline. It couldn’t be much different in low odds betting. Making money by betting on small odds seems alluringly easy. That’s probably why rookie bettors prefer to back the favourites. That’s the way they read the odds. The smaller the odds the most likely they are to be confirmed. But even more experienced punters are betting high stakes on low odds even on betting sites that offer fair odds like Energy bet. As you probably imagine this cannot be done without a proper low odds betting strategy and the best low odds staking plan that you should follow with little to any deviation. 

The very first you should examine is the current form of the favourite team. They should be favourites because they are a far better team and they are looking in good shape. So before backing them – especially if you’re about to wager a large stake – check their latest results, any injuries in key players and if there is a rivalry against their opponents. 

Betting big money on small odds is not something you should take lightly. Make sure you have covered all the possible aspects of the match in question before placing a bet. If for example the two teams have friendly relations and the underdog badly needs a win. A possible draw or win of the underdog is enough to wreck plans and cost you not just the stake but your entire strategy. So pay close attention to everything that could determine the final outcome. A good low odds betting strategy – if you are an acca puntor – is to pick teams from different countries or leagues. In almost every match day an underdog will shock their opponent. If you build your accumulators from one league only you increase the risk of encountering such an upset. 

Another low odds betting system is to avoid derbies, especially local ones. Usually a local match is a match with enmity between the two sides. In case the underdog is playing at home then any advantage of the visitor will have no meaning at all. Our final high strike rate low odds strategy is to look for motivation. If one team is considered by the bookmakers as the favourite just because they are the only ones with real interest (win promotion, stay on league, claim a place at a continental competition etc), well it is more likely to happen. So chasing the motivation is a good way to pick your bets.   

1.2 odds daily – Low odds betting challenge

This is an easy strategy and yet it can’t always ensure profit. The concept is to place a single bet – let’s say 20 euros – on small odds sure wins close to 1.2 odds daily. Once you have won, you place your initial bank roll plus your profits from every bet on the next wager. Your first stake will be 20 euros, the very next will be 24 euros (given that you bet on 1.20 odds), the next 28.8 and so on. There is one thing that you have to keep in mind though. You are betting to win money. So you have to set an exit point. It might be at 50 euros, or at 100, or at what you find satisfying. Then you collect all your profits and can start all over again. We do not recommend this strategy as a foolproof one but it can earn you a significant profit with some skill and luck. In any case you must remember to not be greedy.      

Can bookmakers close an account for betting on small odds only?

It depends. If for example you are a punter who is betting big on low odds, especially if those bets are placed on single matches, then many bookmakers might put you on their black list. Probably they won’t outright close your account, but a limit might be set. So if you want to prevent this from happening – especially if you have one in a well respected bookmaker (such as bet365, or 1Xbet) then you might consider switching your play style a bit. You can, for example, build some acca betslips (four or five legs will just do the work) or maybe be prepared to lose some of your profit betting on a long-shot on live betting. Regardless of the result, you might be able to confuse the Risk and Trade department and skip their limits. Or you can open an account in an exchange (Betfair is the most trustworthy) and never have to worry again about limits or betting on small odds causing any kind of problem with your account.

Best bookmakers for low odds betting


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