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super-administrator August 28, 2019

Are higher odds better? One user sent us this question recently and we decided we should answer this question properly. The main things we need to find out what are high betting odds or otherwise what IS high odds and see just how risky it is going for this option. Given that the basic concept in betting is to win big while risking the smallest amount of money possible, makes betting on high odds a valid strategy, being added in online bookmakers welcome bonus. That is as long as you follow some fundamental but still simple rules. 

What are high odds

What do high odds mean? You will most often see high odds on outcomes where a result is unlikely to happen. Highly unlikely. And that’s why high odds betting sites offer such a prize. In any case, we are dealing with football betting, so a lot of things could happen during a football match and many of us who prefer backing underdogs are frequent winners. The essence is to explain all you need to know about high odds and betting on them, along with some tips and strategies that will help you win. Despite what many punters may think high odds betting can be as profitable as any other betting preference. What the bettor needs to do is learn and respect the special rules of and check our high odds betting tips.

Are higher or lower odds better?

The higher the odds the better is the obvious answer. Or is it? The profits will be larger but so will the risk too. So it is up to you to accept the fact that you may encounter some cold runs where it might take 3 or 4 lost bets before you win. From our point of view we can simply note that if you are a disciplined punter then with high odds bets you will most likely end up profitable at the end of the season. So there isn’t actually a question whether are high odds good or bad?”. Odds are just a means to an end. 

Which betting company gives the best odds?


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Every bookmaker will promote itself by offering various promotions or bonuses and claiming that they offer the best odds in the market. This might be true, but they can do so only in some leagues or in some matches or special markets if they wish to remain competitive. If you really want to get into high odds betting then you need to find high odds in almost every game and market. So you have to choose your bookmakers carefully and wisely. 1Xbet and 22bet are widely known for their extremely high odds and are a very safe choice. And of course we have to mention the industry leader bet365. The bookmaker from Stoke is considered the best betting company mainly due to their profitable odds. 

High odds football bets

Let’s start with the things to avoid list. A single rule. Don’t treat high odds bets as “fun bets”. You will never win. And by that we don’t mean that you won’t get lucky sometimes only that in the long run you will lose a significant portion of your bankroll. Big odds bet require much more discipline and study than any other bets you have ever placed before. Discipline because the confirmation percentages behind these odds might take a toll on a rookie punter. Lose control after a few bad picks and try to chase losses with hasty bets. Or after one or two big wins to consider yourself unbeatable and start overextending. What you need to do is to make a plan and stick with it in the long run. 

Following that it is time to get in the action. How can I bet on high odds?  You can start by finding a trustworthy partner. A well-informed site with extended statistics will do the work for you. It is crucial to know all the details of a forthcoming match. As an example take the English league cup – or most domestic cups across Europe actually – as your ideal playing field in high odds betting. Many managers will make changes in the starting lineup in these competitions due to a heavy schedule. And lower division teams – especially if they are the hosts – see a golden opportunity to leave their mark and rake in some much-needed prize money. In most of cases bookmakers will offer very low odds to the favorite as they anticipate that the public will overwhelmingly back them. It is now your time to strike. The odds for an upset are high enough and given that you have checked all the parameters of the match, you might be just 90 minutes away from an impressive win. 

In the same manner a match where the underdogs are more motivated than their opponents means that you may have a case as in betting motivation or a lack thereof, is crucial in picking a winning side. High odds bets can also be used for In-Play bets. Again you have to pick a match where both teams need the win. Then you wait and hope that the teams are tied as the match winds down to the final whistle. Then if the odds for the next team to score stand at 8.00 or more for each team then you can choose that option instead of backing the safer but lower-priced 2.5 goals. 

Another popular In-Play strategy is to bet in favor of the underdog. If for example City is hosting Wolves and the score is 2-2 at the 75th minute. Over 4.5 will be near 1.83 and next goal City approximately at the same level. The real value and the true high odds is if you back the underdog to score. You may find it even in odds 25.00. You just have to remember two things before making that choice. That the team you are about to back are effective on counter attacks and secondly that this is a long term strategy. That simply means that you need just a few winning bets to earn a profit

Last but not least there are long term bets. Avoid betting on the League winner. In most leagues there are two or three teams that will claim the title, so the odds are far from satisfying. Instead, you can pick teams that you believe they can be placed in the first six or seven of their league, the first scorer and obviously Cup winners. Long term bets usually offer a great opportunity for high odds bets. Take a deeper look at every sportsbook and see which options suits you best. 

High odds acca

As we mentioned before, you shouldn’t treat high odds bets as fun bets. With one exception being the golden rule. High odds accumulators. It is allowed, or even recommended in days when league cup is on and many surprises are expected. Of course you realise that it is difficult for every potential surprise to happen. So your acca shouldn’t be more than six legs with a low stake and you must be always ready to cash-out if the need arises. Don’t be greedy. 

There are other punters that seek high odds through accumulators. It is a lot riskier than picking just one underdog, but then again it is a very popular way of betting and as long as you have picked every leg wisely there is nothing we can say or do to prevent you.  

Laying horses high odds

In your quest for the highest of all odds you may find yourself searching at horse races. It is after all the part of every sportsbook with the highest odds and possibly the most unpredictable and risky one as well. That’s probably why many punters that bet on horses back favourites with small amounts. Instead, if you want a steady profit in almost every race then you can lay the favourites. The odds will be high enough to offer a hefty reward to the shrewdest of bettors.


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