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Over 1.5 goals betting strategy

super-administrator January 7, 2022

Betting on goals can be really appealing. It combines in a perfect manner the excitement of football with the pleasure of winning at betting. That’s why betting on over goals became so popular among the punters. You can cheer on any goal and don’t have to worry which team will win in the end. Betting on over 1.5 goals is of course part of this procedure. But what does over 1.5 goals mean? It simply means that you need two goals to be scored in order to win your bet. As you can imagine the odds for this market are usually very low. And it makes perfect sense. In this guide, we will try to examine all the contingent ways to turn this simple and low-value market into a profitable one and increase the balance of your betting account. A simple market, with simple rules. Let’s see them. 

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How do I bet on over 1.5 goals

As we already mentioned the over 1.5 market is a simple type of bet and that’s the reason why many inexperienced punters or those who don’t like to take huge risks find it preferable. But there are some secrets that could turn this market from being a safe and low-value bet choice to a more risky selection, but yet a lucrative income source. Secrets that you’ll need some over 1.5 goals tips to unlock them. First of all, you need a trustworthy site that could provide you with over 1.5 goals stats that you can use on your behalf. The more analytic the better. Because we are going deep into this market and we want to exploit all the provided opportunities. 

In the following paragraphs, you will understand how important are the stats on building a solid betting strategy. Also, if you don’t plan to make an accumulator bet, then sites that offer you over 1.5 goals tips today, will not offer you much help in this. 

Note that over 1.5 goals meaning is all about placing low-risk bets. And just bet large amounts in low-risk stakes. Many punters in order to change that condition build multi-leg accumulators with over 1.5 goals picks and with a small stake they claim big money. Are they right? The odds are of course against them. So should you get involved in a case like this? 

Over 1.5 goals betting strategy

The over 1.5 betting strategy is the way you organize your playstyle in order to win your stakes. In this particular market, we will examine how to place value bets in a low-value market. Both on pre-market and during In-Play. 

How to bet on over 1.5 goals on full time

The main idea here is to find underachieving teams, but with offensive potential. Why do we do that? Because the bookmakers take into consideration the latest results and offer their odds mainly based on that. But a team with an offensive mentality will always be an offensive team. All we have to do is examine which will be the right moment. And take advantage of it. So in a match like this instead of offering the over 1.5 goals at low odds such as 1.40 or so, we could find them at 1.60 or maybe higher in some cases. 

That’s what you should do when you play with pre-game picks. For those of you who like to bet in In-Play markets, things are much simpler. You start by checking the matches with the highest scoring potential. And hope that the score will not open at early moments. As time passes the odds will become higher. All you have to do is wait for the right moment. Then you get your pick at the right price. Then you move to the next match and so on.    

Over 1.5 strategy half time

This market is addressed to those who like to bet in a riskier manner. The concept is the same regardless if your choice is pre-game or In-Play. You need to study the stats of both teams and check if they score more in the first or second half. Given that you have found teams that score early, you just take the over 1.5 goals in the first half. And hope the stats will tell the truth in your case. Of course the odds will be higher if you make the same choice iIn-Play.

Over 1.5 first half tips will be useful in this case, as long as they are based on the way of play of both opponents and not just the recent results.

Before choosing the strategy you like, note that everything should be combined with your personal study on teams and matches. There is no guarantee that a strategy or an over 1.5 goals system will work by itself or that you will win everytime. 

Over 1.5 goals alternative markets

First of all, what does over 1.5 alternative goals mean? It means that there is a different type of bet than the usual and well known “total goals in the game”. For example it could be the total goals that one of the two teams will score in a game. Or in a half. 

At this point, all the well-known bookmakers offer that choice. But the most interesting in this option is if you can find a combined bet with goals and the final result. For example Liverpool to win and score over 1.5 goals. Or even better to score over 1.5 goals in the first or second half. Finally the highest yielding and risky market on betting over 1.5 goals is for a player to score over 1,5 goals in a game. 

Is it worth betting on over 1.5 goals?

What is over 1.5 goals really? Surely a nice way to pass some time by betting and watching a few football matches in a row. But in betting terms you would not call it a bargain. The pre-game odds are in most cases pretty low – usually at a range between 1.20 and 1.40 – so there is no value on betting in this line. Not in the pre-game market anyway as we have already mentioned. But given that this type of bets is confirmed in a percentage between 75-80% (depends on the league of course) we can consider it close to a safe choice. So is over 1.5 goals a good bet? We’ll stand on our expressed opinion that it is a solid In-Play pick and you can build big accumulators with it. Aside from that we strongly recommend that you seek a higher line of goals for your bets. Let us not forget that the main purpose in betting is to make a value for money choice. And over 1.5 goals is rarely one of them. 


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