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Both Teams to Score explained

super-administrator July 16, 2019

The both teams to score bet type is a rather new and fairly simple special market. Although it is nowadays really popular, originally bookmakers had their doubts if it could be embraced by punters. It is one of the most popular special markets worldwide, compared only to the over/under betting market. Regardless if you have already included BTTS to your game or not, we are pretty sure that you will improve your playstyle after you have read our guide. And hopefully, be inspired to create your very own betting strategy.

Βoth teams to score explained

Both Teams To ScoreThe both teams to score meaning is that you need to see both teams in a football match score. Pretty simple right? Probably one of the main reasons it created such massive hype so quickly. Still there are some punters that get confused, especially with the not to score option. At their beginning, they don’t understand how does both teams not to score works. You do not have to pick which team will not score as all that is needed is for one team to end with a clean sheet or the match to end as a goalless draw in order to win. In other words, you just need one team to remain without scoring to be a winner. 


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BTTS strategy

This is similar to an over 2.5 betting strategy. If you want to make some money from this market you just need to examine the probability of both teams scoring. Both teams to score strategy and predictions are becoming more popular day by day and both teams to score stats are now covering a whole section in tipsters sites as the number of punters that bet on BTTS is constantly increasing. This could be a very useful tool for a rather peculiar market. Here you can compare the match odds and both teams to score option and see if the offered winnings are worth it or not. 100% Both teams to score tips are all around the place so you must make sure that you find the best you can. It can be a valuable partner through your betting career.

How to win in both teams to score bets

All you need to do is find a match with two teams that like to score a lot and are careless in defence. The odds might not be that tempting – the bookmakers of course know it and expect it – but you will in most cases win your bet. What happens when you want more than 1.40 or 1.50 that are usually offered in cases like these/? You can always combine matches in an accumulator – three or four legs would do the work – or search a little deeper into the stats. 

For example, you can pick teams that score easily but have been out of shape for a few weeks. The recent form is truly essential for this kind of bet. Normally the odds will have been adjusted to that and they will have some value. 

In Both Teams To Score bets you should always pay attention not only in the stats but also the injury report or which players are banned for the next match. The absence of one or more key players could make a significant change in their forthcoming match, so always keep that in mind. 

Head to head is another statistical factor you should take into consideration. Many teams might have a few BTTS in a row, but the next match could be against a local rival. Usually in local derbies the matches are much closed and end with few goals. 

And finally, let’s talk about motivation. Maybe the strongest factor in football. That’s probably why it is better to place a BTTS bet in group stages matches or at the final match days of a league. Both teams desperately need a goal in order to qualify, to play in Europe next season or to avoid relegation. 


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Βoth teams to score additional markets

Both Teams To Score is a popular type of bet which is why bookmakers launched almost immediately some variations of this special market. Lets see some of them and how you can wager on them. 

Both Teams To Score in both halves

Both teams need to score at least one goal in every half.  It is not as easy as you might think. And that’s why the odds could be from 15.00 up to 29.00 or even more. In some bookmakers you can find alternatives like to score only in the first or the second half etc. Btts both halves is not recommended for every match you come across, but it can be a cushy fun bet that occasionally provides some winnings. Βoth teams to score in both halves tips of course could be useful – yes you can actually find sites with both teams to score and win tips – but still it can’t be anything more than a fun bet that is best placed at low stakes.

Both Teams To Score no draw

What does both score no draw mean? It’s actually a combo BTTS bet. In order to win you need two things to happen. Both teams to score and one of them to win the match. You can also find it as both teams to score and win. This one’s a bit harder as you have to pick the team that will win the match. This type of bet offers slightly higher odds compared to a simple both teams to score bet, but its best selected when one team is a clear favorite.

Βoth teams to score and win 

Probably the best online bookmaker in this special market is Bet365. The Stoke based bookie was one of the very first to introduce this market to the world and still offers some of the best odds. Additionally, when it comes to the number of alternative options offered and the innovative spirit it’s executives have you can expect to find numerous BTTS markets, including first half both teams to score. If you heard that there is a new special market on-air, then you are certain that it is launched by bet365.

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