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Corner betting strategy

super-administrator July 9, 2019

Football is probably the simplest sport in its essence. Yet, besides its simplicity, it can offer a wide variety when it comes to special markets. Bookmakers constantly add new types of bet in their sportsbooks and punters are more than happy to include them in their betslips. Corner betting is among these markets. It increases in popularity every day, mainly because it can promise big wins in addition to sheer excitement, during live betting

Placing a bet on corner markets is not as simple as it may sound. It takes a lot more than watching a game to make a profit from corner kicks. You need to comprehend just how this type of bet works. Experienced bettors do it already, now it’s time to join that exclusive club. Read our guide and learn everything you need to know about a perfect corner betting strategy and how you can exploit this very interesting market, while having also a bet deposit bonus.

Corner betting basic rules

cornerHow many corners are usually in a game of football? Many punters who want to start betting in corners ask the very same question in their attempt to understand this market. Once they can get an estimate they need to calculate the lines and odds are whether it is worth it or not. In that manner, another common question is what specific numbers, such as under 10.5 corner means. Given that this is the most common line bookmakers offer, it is a fair question. And finally, they will ask for a winning corner betting system. Starting from the last we have to be honest with you. There is no such thing as a 100% winning betting system. There are strategies that can lead you to vastly increase your winning chances but nothing that can guarantee you will never lose a bet. 

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Corner betting tips & strategy 

CornerIn our attempt to find and describe the best corner betting strategy we have come to a very solid conclusion. It is a special market designed and addressed to patient bettors and not recreational punters. The only exception to this rule is the multi-corner bet, which we will discuss further below. In general, corner betting is a tailormade bet for bettors accustomed to keeping detailed documentation of all your bets. You should always have a plan or a suitable strategy that you are prepared to stick with. If you find yourself fitting this description then the first thing you should do is to find the best betting website for corner betting or similar special markets. From there you can follow the daily corner betting tips you need to start betting or if you are more experienced you can make your own predictions. Whichever route you pick you should find a site with detailed statistics. It is very important to learn about the way the teams are playing and not just their formation. Special features and special skills from the players could turn to be very useful. Lastly, just watch the match. You will get really helpful insights on how both teams perform while the various In-Play markets can be a real treasure. 

Ιn play corner betting

CornerLike we mentioned above, even the best corner betting system could go south. But as you see your plan going to waste it is not the time to grieve. It is time to act. As long as you watch the match you can now be more accurate when it comes to your predictions. For example, you know the score and if one team is desperate to win or equalize. Judging from this and their playstyle you can bet on over corners if the price is right, or opt to skip this. Corner race betting is another In Play option where you can read more in the next paragraph. A very popular bet is the first corner betting. It is not offered from every bookmaker but it can give the chance to make the first hit right after kick-off. After 10 or 15 minutes you can tell which team is going to increase the pressure, and thus be the prime candidate for winning the first corner kick. Another similar choice – not so popular though – is the last corner betting which is usually won by any team that is desperately trying to score a goal

Corner race betting

CornerThe fun side of corner betting or at least the most thrilling one. It is considered the easiest corner betting market to predict. What you have to do is guess which of the two teams is going to reach first a certain number of corner kicks (usually the line is in 5,7, or 9 corners). Given that you should know the “field behaviour” of each team it is rather easy to predict which one is going to win the race. For example, if one team is playing with a lot or crosses trying to reach in that way their target man, then you know that they have more chances compared to their opponents to win the race. Or if a favourite team is losing and they are increasing the pressure, then you can also bet on them. They might not be able to win the match, but they usually win the corner race. Corners in football is a fun and often safe bet which is why advanced punters prefer it. 

What does alternative corners mean?

CornerAs we mentioned above, the usual over/under line offered by the bookmakers is placed at 10.5. But major online sportsbooks such as bet365 give their customers another choice. It is called alternative corners. It is a three-way market where you can make your pick through a number of lines. It is offered as Over – Exactly – Under and it is settled in the same manner as a European Handicap. 

For example, if the line in pre-game is over 9.5 at odds 1.72 and under at odds 2.00 let’s see the lines and the odds for the alternative corners market. It may start from 4 corners and reach up to 18 with the odds being adjusted to the value of the initial line. 

So, is it recommended to bet on alternative corners? It is clearly a matter of the Vig, the type of play you like to bet on or simply how much you are willing to risk. Alternative corners give you a variety of markets and it is probably the only market that offers so many choices.

What is multi-corner betting

CornerOn this type of bet where you multiply the number of corners from the first half with the number of corners of the second. For example, if there are 4 corners in the first half and 5 in the second you get a total of 20 corners. If the line was placed at 23.5 and you had bet on under, then your bet is won. As you can imagine, the impact of a single corner is truly significant. That’s probably why experienced punters don’t like to wager on this market as its unpredictability makes it less profitable compared to a simple over/under bet. And they are right. It is only recommended if you want to put a small amount as a fun bet if you feel like you’ve discovered some valued odds.


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