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Double chance bet

super-administrator June 12, 2019

From what you can probably understand by the name, double chance betting is giving you two times the chances to win. Its simplicity has made this type of bet one of the most popular amongst bettors worldwide. In this guide, we are trying to reveal all you need to know before putting this betting market in your arsenal. We aim to see the double chance football bet explained as simple as it can get along with easy to understand examples from everyday matches while in search of the best welcome offers betting.

What is double chance bet?

double chance betting What is a double chance bet? In a few words a risk-minimizing type of bet. It is preferred mostly by two types of bettors. Beginners and those who are willing to wager a large amount of money. The whole idea is rather simple. You pick two out of three possible outcomes and increase your opportunities of winning. The advantages of double chance betting are quite obvious. You can bet on the result you think will be confirmed and still have another possible result as insurance. It is available on lower odds of course, but if you are the type of bettor who is in it to win it, then there is no better way of improving your winning chances. Now that we’ve clarified what a double chance bet is, let us proceed to see the basic double chance options.


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Double chance bet 12

double chance bettingOn this market, you bet against the draw. It is similar to the Lay the draw option you can find on a betting exchange albeit with a smaller liability. It is ideal on matches with no clear favourite where the draw will do no good to either side. Usually, it is recommended during the ending matchdays clashes when both teams need a win. It can also be used in situations when two offensive and high-scoring teams are facing each other.

Football betting double chance 1X

double chance 1XA good option if you think that the favourite team is not going to have an easy afternoon. If for example, Arsenal is travelling to Merseyside to face Everton. The Gunners are considered the favourite of this couple by all bookmakers. But still, they are travelling with a lot and serious absences. And their tradition in games with Toffees is rather disappointing. And Everton are very strong in their home this season. You think that Everton will win this game, but then again you want to feel more sure about the outcome of your bet. 1X double chance is the best option here.

Double chance X2 in betting

double chance X2It is similar to the example above but now we are betting against the favourite in their home. The reasons could be the ones we already mentioned. Or it could be the unusual weather conditions or something that could change the terms the match will be held. If you really believe it and the price is right, don’t let this betting opportunity go to waste.

Double chance football betting system

double chance bet Double chance bet is not – at least from our point of view – a betting system of its own. It is rather an auxiliary betting type, aiming to assist you. For example, for those punters that have betting accounts only on traditional bookmakers and not on the exchange, it can be used as an alternative to the “Lay option”. For acca punters, it can be used to add some “safe” value to the accumulator they’ve already built. There is not a pure football betting double chance strategy, only minor tweaks that can be applied from each bettor individually. There are some basic double chance accumulator tips though. Motivation, in this case, is more important than ever. Bookmakers set their odds based mostly on the ability and form of each team. If you want to beat them try to be one step ahead of them. Seek info and facts about the forthcoming game that could end up influencing the result. And basically, lay what the bookmakers consider as favourites. In that manner try to learn the most you can about lower leagues. Having your updates from local media can help you bet against the obvious favourite.

What football betting companies allow double chance bets

draw no betAll of them, since it is considered one of the basic betting types and thus it can be found on every sportsbook. But you will allow us to offer our two cents here. Is double chance betting profitable? It can be only if you choose to bet on the right bookmaker in terms of odds. Betway review is probably the first thing that will come to your mind. And who can blame you for that? But the bookmaker from Stoke is not your only option. Thank God in the era of the online betting the options are countless and just a click away from you. Like Novibet for instance, a bookmaker with very competitive odds and frequent offers. Seeking for some added value to your money you could also turn to WilliamHill, Ladbrokes or other well known and trusted betting companies.

Double chance bet accumulator

accaDouble chance betting can be used to add some extra value to an already created accumulator. Usually, bettors that are into big accumulators may add an extra leg in an attempt to increase their gains. Double chance can be used in this case as a non-greedy way to maximize your profit. But there are many punters that build accumulators exclusively with double chance bets. Usually, they wager large amounts of money and by doing that with double chance acca they feel safer by backing two of the three possible results. Although we generally do not condone placing bets on accumulators, we wish to remind you that you must only include bets that have value in them.

Live betting double chance

live betDon’t expect to find any sure double chance betting tips or predictions in this paragraph. We cannot provide you with something that doesn’t exist. What we can give you are some useful tips that could turn up really profitable. Double chance is recommended to be used in two in-play situations. First, if there is the possibility of a draw in a match with a clear favourite. You are aiming for a pick with high odds – the 1 2 in that case. From the beginning of the second half and until the 75th minute it is worth comparing this market to the odds for one more goal to be scored.

Draw no bet vs double chance

draw no bet Why should I choose double chance when the draw no bet option pays a whole lot more? A common question. There is but only one answer to this. These are two totally different types of bets. So the choice is up to you and what you want to gain from your bet. There are bettors that are after big odds and have an all or nothing mentality by backing the underdog with a DNB. With the draw no bet option they will take their money back if the underdog draws the match and enjoy a big win if their inspiration proves to be the correct one.

Using the double chance is recommended if you are about to put a large amount of money on your bet. With that option, you have a mathematical 66% possibility of winning. The odds, of course, are shorter compared to the DNB, but you will now win some money regardless of the final result.

To wrap things up the “draw no bet or double chance” is not an actual debate as it is up to you and your betting habits.

Frequently asked questions

Is draw no bet the same as double chance?

No, there are totally different types of bets as we stated right above.

Can I place a double chance and over 1.5 bet?

You can, but not all bookmakers will offer that option though. You can check before you make your registration or you can read everything you need to know in our detailed bookmaker reviews.

How to place a double chance bet

The hard part is to decide what you want to bet on. Just when you feel ready you can pick one of the following options 1X, X2, 12. Usually, you can find them just below the Home – Draw –  Away options.

+0.5/-0.5 vs double chance bet. Which one to pick?

We would say the asian option is the better one. At least when it comes to odds as betting is all about finding the best odds after all. By taking some time to understand how to calculate the double chance betting VIG, you can easily see that your odds will be shortened from around 1% to almost 3% in terms of total payout. Unless you discover a mistake from a bookie where he is offering better odds on the double chance, it’s always best to stick to the asian option.


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