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super-administrator January 7, 2019

Formula One, or widely known as F1, is one of the world’s most watched sports. It is a huge hit among racing fans worldwide thanks to the thrill it offers every single race. However, not only F1 is popular among racing enthusiasts, but it is also a top pick among sports bettors too. After all, F1 offers many betting opportunities and options, including backing drivers on individual races as well as guessing winners of popular Grand Prix events. Nonetheless, numerous options and flexibility can often confuse rookie bettors as they make it quite hard to get started. Therefore, we have created for our readers the ultimate F1 betting guide as well as offered some tips for beginners, while searching for the best welcome bonus betting site.

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Types of F1 Bets

There’s no need to further explain Formula 1 betting as the concept is simple. Formula One betting is betting on events involving F1 races. However, it is crucial to get familiar with all the different types of F1 bets you can place as they make all the difference in the experience as well as returns.


Race Winner

Choosing a race winner is also known as to-win F1 betting. Just like the name suggests, these types of bets focus on individual races and their winners. These bets cannot be simpler than they already are – you simply pick one of the drivers and if your chosen driver wins, you get your price. Often, these bets come with great opportunities of making high profits and excellent odds on selected drivers.



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Championship Winners

Trying to guess championship winners, or future betting, is also popular among F1 bettors. In football, you try to guess what team will top the Premier League or win the Champion’s League trophy. Well, in Formula One you try to guess winners of the Driver’s Championship, the Constructor’s Championship etc. Due to the fact that many bookies disable placing F1 future bets after the first race of the championship, the most popular time for placing such bets is before the season begins. Naturally, not all bookmakers have this policy, and some may allow futures betting during the season. Nevertheless, in this case, you should expect them to constantly upgrade the odds and often offer worse odds than those offered preseason.

Podium Finish

Another popular, as well as common F1 bet, is the podium finish. This bet is similar to to-win bets and yet improves your bet’s probability as it covers more than one winning option. Podium bets, for example, usually involve backing a driver to finish in the top three, regardless whether they finish first, second or third. So, naturally, your chances of winning are better. This, however, often results in lower payouts.


Retirement Bets

If you want to keep F1 betting entertaining, you can focus on other things rather than the races. Therefore, for example, you can place retirement bets. There are various retirement betting options in F1, with the most popular being guessing the first retirement among participants in a race. Additionally, you can also try and guess which team will have the first retirement. Sounds fun, right?



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Other F1 Betting Options

Even though the previously mentioned bets are the most popular ones, there are many other betting options punters have. So, we would like to mention timed F1 bets, prop bets, driver matchups and pole position. Each of these is unique in their own way and makes the betting experience quite thrilling.


Tips to Have in Mind Before Placing F1 Bets

Now that you know all about how to be on Formula 1, it’s time for us to give you several tips for beginners so you can step up your game.

Read Previews of Races

Reading race previews is crucial for placing smart F1 bets. Namely, sports journalists’ points of view and expert analysis can help you have a better idea of what to expect. Sometimes, these may even offer useful tips or insider info you wouldn’t know otherwise. Thus, even if not all race previews turn out helpful, it’s still better to read at least several of those before placing your bet.

Take the Weather into Account

Unless an event takes place in a building, where the weather has zero effect, you should always pay attention to the weather. Track surface, for instance, is always affected by the weather and can lead to unexpected twists in F1 races.


Consider Pole Position

Pole position is yet another important aspect of F1 races and, consequently, of F1 betting. Statistics reveal that many races have been won from pole position and hence you should never underestimate this factor. Thus, do your research before you decide to back an F1 driver.

Study Lap Times

It comes as a little surprise that lap times have found their way into this list. After all, the free practice races can reveal a lot regarding a driver’s competence and determination to win an upcoming race. Excellent lap times promise good performance, while crashing may suggest the driver isn’t a promising competitor for that particular event.

Read Latest F1 Team News

The last, but not the least, is to read the latest F1 team news. In addition to keeping you up to date with latest happening, this can help you place smarter bets due to having enough information. For example, if Ferrari releases the fastest car in the world, you can expect better results from their team for the season. Similarly, if a driver has personal issues, they may not be in the best state of mind to offer their best performance in upcoming races. As silly as this sounds, it’s actually very helpful when it comes to Formula 1 betting.



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