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Grand Slam betting tips

super-administrator January 12, 2022

Many punters prefer to bet on tennis more than any other sport. It is not only because tennis is so exciting, but mostly because it offers steady opportunities for regular wins. But you have to be an experienced bettor in order to be able to take advantage of such a volatile sport. If you are still making your first steps on Grand Slam betting you must be wondering how to make money betting on tennis. First thing you need to do is make sure that you understand everything about tennis, it’s rules and the differences between every competition. Once you are ready you can make your second step. Learn everything you can about the key players. Third rule is never bet at random. You will lose. There are many levels you must reach before you are betting on tennis for a living level, but you sure are on the right track. While you are doing that, read our guide about the four major events of the year, the Opens. It will help understand much more than the basics and will surely change your perspective about betting on tennis. 


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Australian Open betting tips

It’s always harder to make Australian Open tennis betting predictions, given that it is the very first Grand Slam in the annual calendar. In addition in this particular event, 84.9% of the fourth round matches since 2014 have gone the favourite’s way. And we take the fourth round as an example because at this point the real tournament starts. So it is rather hard to find valuable betting odds if you want to back a player. But if you still insist on betting in the Australian Open, then there are some things you need to consider. Statistically speaking, on this tournament retirements are more frequent than in every other Grand Slam Open. So the first thing you must do is check your bookmaker’s policy about retirements. Factor number two: stamina. It is the first event of the season so players aren’t in their best shape. So the more fit an athlete looks, the more chances he or she has to make it to the end. Especially in the men’s event (best of five sets) fitness proves the most important factor of all.     

So if you want to build a betting strategy for Australian Open you can base it on over/under sets or games. Usually, the top-10 players are those who are in better condition. So if the underdog seems capable of making him sweat, then you can bet on over 4.5 sets on satisfying odds. Or you can take the over on games. If an easy win is predicted for the favourite, the line for over/under games will be at 30.5 or 31.5 games. So if you believe that the underdog is tough or fit enough to put some pressure, then the obvious choice is to go over this line. Of course, you have to know all about the two rivals and how much the athletes were weight down by previous matches or tournaments.       

In the same manner, you try to exploit every mistake a bookmaker could possibly do. And make some money from it. Αustralian open tennis betting may seem difficult at first, but after one or two matches you can see that it’s not that difficult to uncover the veil.

Roland Garros betting predictions

Do you want a safe prediction about Roland Garros? You can bet on Rafael Nadal to win it. He is not called “King of Clay” for no reason. But if you want to get involved in this Open, here are some Roland Garros betting tips you might find useful. You can bet on doubles. For the last two years, the average doubles match has 36.2 games. Surprisingly enough the bookmakers seem to ignore that and put their over/under line at 32.5 games. At least they did so during the 2019 tournament. No need to say that if they keep on doing this you can exploit it. You can bet on Rafa Nadal to win his matches with 3-0 or 3-1. It happened in 80% of his games in french soil. So it is a good bet on a fair price. If you want to make a risky bet you can always lay Novak Djokovic. The Serbian superstar might hold the first place in the ranking for quite some time, but he appears a bit short on form. Laying Djokovic might incur a large liability, but it will pay a lot once confirmed. 

Always remember that clay is a very slow surface that tires the athletes. So pick from the beginning a youngster with potential to go very far in the tournament (such as Tsitsipas for example) and back him. He will pay for sure even if he plays with less quality than his opponents. The famous French Open in the early stages offers many opportunities for big wins. Backing the so-called underdogs – but not randomly – will help you increase your bankroll.


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Wimbledon betting guide

The oldest and most prestigious tennis tournament in the world. It’s a fact that many punters place their first bet on tennis in Grand Slams and especially during the Wimbledon Open. There are many interesting facts about this tournament in its long history. For example, the dress code states that all players must be dressed almost entirely in white. A trivial fact about betting you might say. And you are right. But you have to keep in mind that the Wimbledon Open is the only tournament played on grass. And that fact alone can be a significant factor when it comes to Wimbledon betting odds. The grass influences the speed of the ball; it is much faster than other surfaces and the bounce of the ball is very low, much lower than on clay and hard courts. This helps players with aggressive styles of play or those with a strong serve. The first tennis betting tips for Wimbledon comes from the ground. Always back players that just know how to take advantage of the grass. 

Always check the previous meetings. The head to head comparison will help you decide about the final outcome of a match. Almost more than any other element. Let’s see how with an example. Novak Djokovic is number one in ranking, but suffered an easy loss from Rafael Nadal at the Roland Garros final just a few weeks earlier. The two players are now fighting for the English crown. Naturally, you’d expect that Nadal would be the ultimate favourite to win the second open in a row. But the bookmakers don’t share the same opinion. The two rivals met three times in the past in Wimbledon and the Serbian has two wins and his only loss came when he was injured and left the game during the third set. So normally he is considered the favourite for this match. In the same manner, make a head to head comparison for every match you are about to bet on.

Find a trustworthy site with stats that will help you in your picks, but check the weather forecast every day. A normal match can last for hours. Others for days. Many times in the past a match was postponed due to rain. As you can understand this affects the final outcome. If you decided to lay a player that seems tired from the previous match, now he/she has 24 hours to rest. And the bet is not a value bet anymore.

Probably the most popular Wimbledon bet is the over/under. It is easy and most of the times the over is confirmed. All you need to do is find two aggressive players and then you are sure you know how to bet on tennis over/under. If the line is close to 39 games then do not hesitate for a moment.

Wimbledon womens betting tips couldn’t be a lot different. Check the previous meetings between players and the form and there you go. Fun fact. The last five winners had already won an Open title. So if you are ready to bet on the women’s final do check their prior behaviour in Open tournaments.

US Open tennis betting tips

The last Open of the year is held between late August and early September. Two very demanding weeks for all players that are competing in the hardest court of all the Grand Slams. Keeping that in mind we are ready to bet on players who can use this court to their advantage. For example excellent service. If you just have a look at the past decades winners you’ll see that Jimmy Connors, Peter Sampras and Roger Federer have the most titles. They are all considered elite servers. So the very first thing you should look before you start betting on US Open is the service. The return game is equally important as it gives players a huge advantage that most times cannot be overturned. US Open tennis betting has another peculiarity. As we already mentioned, this the last Open of the year, so many players are already tired. In addition to this, the hard court means that only the fittest will make it to the final. So make sure that you know the shape a player is before he enters the main event. The court surface is decoturf, which makes it faster than any other hard court. It benefits the players that serve well or are keen on finishing the points on the net. So if you spot an aggressive type of player, you can back him/her to break the service of his/her opponent. It is not easy, but as you can imagine it pays really well.

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