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Betting School – Horse Racing Betting Guide

Probably one of the most ancient sports. From ancient times to the modern era, from the dusty fields of Mesopotamia to celebrities favourite Ascot one thing has never changed. Horse racing is a spectacular and prevalent sport. And of course, bookmakers know about it. Especially in Britain punters place it at the very top of their betting preferences. So if you want to put a royal sense on your betting slips, there are a few things you should take into consideration. Let’s start with the betting options.

Horse Racing: Win Bet

Ideal for beginners it is the most simple bet you can find. Just pick a horse and hope to win the race.

Place Bet

You can choose a horse, and you get paid if it ends first or second. So you won’t have to worry about photo-finish thrillers. The payout is the same no matter if the horse finishes in the first or second position.

Horse Racing: Each-way (or Win-Place) Bet

It is a sort of combination of Win and Place Bets. You again pick a horse, and you win if it comes in first or second place. Unlikely the Place Bet the payout depends on the final position. A win pays better than a place.

Horse Racing: Win-Place-Show Bet

As above in the Each-way Bet, you pick a horse, and you win if it finishes in the first three positions (Win-Place-Show). Again the payout depends on the final position (Win pays better than Place, Place pays better than Show).

Horse Racing: Forecast Bet

Things get complicated and more efficient for the punter. To win the forecast, you just need to predict the first and second in the correct order they’ll finish. If you want to maximise your profits, you can choose Tricast Bet, where you need to find the correct order of the first three to finish.

Accumulators Bets

Also known as multi or combo bets, these kinds of bets are widely chosen by the most experience and optimistic bettors. If you think that you can predict the winners of different races and multiply your potential payout.


Horce racing betting guideBetting virtues

Discipline is a key factor not only for Horse Racing bets but for sports betting in general. But especially for this noble sport, you need to keep a neat and detailed record of all your bets and examine them regularly, in a monthly base would be ideal. So you can see what went wrong and avoid this misjudgment in the races to come. Also, keep detailed stats (some bookmakers offer an excellent database) so you can be more precise to your choices.  Patience is something you should always display while you are betting. Before you place your bet try to understand some very crucial things that would matter to the final result. First of all the running style of each horse. Being the fastest doesn’t necessarily means it will win every race. That’s why experts measure more elements (if for example, it has a strong finish or a strong beginning) than the time of the race.


Sympathy for the underdog

Bookmakers often evaluate the well-known riders highly. So the offered odds are not actually worth mention it. So don’t go with the flow and avoid the mainstream choices. Be smart and do some research before placing your bet. Check some essential elements. The weight of the rider is one of them. It’s after all that the horse has to curry. Secondly, notice the pace that jokey gives to the horse beside with the unique circumstances of every race. Not easy to do for sure. But an underdog wins usually pays huge, so worth trying.

Horse Racing is undoubtedly an adrenaline-booster sport for fans and bettors. If you are new to this area, then small steps (and bets) are highly recommended. Until you will find your pace.

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