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Horse racing betting Guide

super-administrator April 27, 2022

Horse racing betting guide

The first bet on horses might be older than history itself. Those beautiful animals contribute in so many ways to human civilization and entertainment. In the modern era betting on horses was started many years before the first football slip. And it is still one of the most popular betting markets worldwide. When things got digital horse racing took as it was meant to be their belonging place on online bookmakers. In the guide that follows we gathered all the necessary things, you need to know before placing your first bet on horse racing.


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How to place a bet on horse racing

It is quite simple actually. But before you do that, there are two things to remember. You need to find the most suitable bookmaker for your type of play, and most importantly understand the different types of bets when it comes to horse racing.

Types of horse betting bets

The simplest and most common bets are the following:
Win: You win if the horse of your pick crosses first the finish line
Place: If your choice will be at the top two places, then your bet is settled as a winner
Show: As long as your horse finishes at the first three places, then your bet is a winning one

There are also the so-called exotic bets, divided into two subcategories. The Horizontal Exotic Bets and the Vertical Exotic Bets.

For the first ones, you are asked to pick the winners of at least two races per day (Daily Double). You can also try to guess the winners of three races (pick 3), or four (pick 4) and so. In the same manner, you can bet on Vertical Exotic Bets. But in this case, you are asked to bet on the first two horses (Straight Exacta), the first three (Straight Trifecta) or the first four (Straight Superfecta).

Betting on horse races can be really fun, and thrilling and offer a great deal of adrenaline. The many different types of bets can play an additional role in that. There are some more, like the Quinella bet and so, but they are all addressed to much more experienced punters.

Best online bookmaker for horsing bets

We will not give a name here, or make any kind of reference. It’s up to you to decide. As long as you’ll take into consideration the following elements.
License and reputation: Before opening an account, make sure that the bookmaker is licensed and regulated form a well-known and strict authority. That means that the transactions will be held with maximum safety and someone will guarantee the fairness of the games. And that you’ll get your money in the end.
Odds: You don’t need us to tell you how important is to get offered the best odds in the competition. Note that some bookmakers might offer the best odds for football – and be famous for that – but that doesn’t necessarily mean that odds for horse racing will be equally good. So, make sure that you have done some research before joining a new bookmaker.
Variety of special markets: It is important. Because in many cases in those markets you can find the real betting value. And also, you will have an alternative betting option.
Bonuses and promotions: Also, very important. But not any type of bonus, but the best bookmakers offers aimed to boost your play.
Livestreaming: Last but certainly not least. You can have some fun watching the race and in addition, you can see the horse or horses in action and make your own opinion about their true potential.


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Horse betting tips

Be selective: it’s a common mistake all inexperienced bettors do. They open a sportsbook and they are ready to bet on everything that goes on. Don’t be that type of gambler. Don’t forget that there are many sources providing you with all the needed information and statistics about a race. Simply pick those races you feel you can find enough data.
Have a bankroll: Betting is not about winning a bet. Is all about making some money in the long term. Set an amount that you can afford and then divide it into 100 units and place yours according to that. This will help you control your game and even more evaluate every bet properly.
Make small stakes first: Especially if you are a beginner, you better take it to step by step. Make small steps so you can learn from your mistakes with small stakes. Even if you have the beginner’s luck – if this is a thing – don’t let it carry you away. Stay with the small stakes until you feel you can move forward.

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