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How to bet on bookings

super-administrator July 24, 2019

In football betting – or in betting on sports in general – the outcome is usually determined by the athletes’ effort. This couldn’t be more false when it comes to football cards betting. Betting on bookings has its own rules and predictions that are dependent on very specific aspects. In this guide we’ll see all the peculiarities of this special market and how you can make some money from betting on bookings.  

What is a booking in football betting?

Betting on bookings is considered an alternative special market. It is in a way similar to over/under goals betting as all you need to do is predict the number of yellow cards or if there is going to be a red card in a football match. In addition, many bookmakers (who serve the best betting sites bonuses) have added the booking points betting type. In this type of bet every card that is shown amounts to some points and you bet on whether these points will surpass a line i.e. over/under 19.5 points etc. You might be wondering how many booking points is a red card or how many booking points is a yellow card. Usually, the amount of points for every yellow card is 10 and the 25 for the red card. That is pretty much the meaning of booking points.

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Types of football bookings markets

Total bookings bet has a variety of options to bet on. We will try and discover the most popular and important ones. 

Red card betting

Does a red card count as a booking? This is usually the first question a punter who wants to bet on bookings will ask. It shouldn’t come as a surprise, but yes it does. So in red card betting all you need to see is at least one player being sent off. How can I predict no red card is usually the second question. Well you can’t. Red cards are usually awarded after a clinical foul or a moment of pure aggression from a player. And this is probably why it is highly recommended as a live type of bet. In matches with a lot of tension when two arch-rivals face each other there is a strong possibility to see a red card. Especially if there are many yellow cards already. But if you want to place a pre-game red card bet, then you need to pick matches with traditional hostility – local derbies for example – or spot a referee who is keen on sending football players off. 

Yellow card betting

This is another category with some fundamental questions from the punters’ side. Does a straight red card count as 2 cards? No, so let’s skip to the next question. Are there alternative type of bets besides the over/under option? Yes there are and there are pretty interesting and fruitful too. For example if you are looking for high odds on a safe betting site some bookmakers offer the “each team over 1 card in each half” option. Quite simple as a concept, but yet a rather difficult bet to be confirmed. So you have to be extremely careful when you pick a match and really dig into the stats before deciding. In a nutshell, this is pretty much the yellow card betting strategy. You rely on a respectful site with analytic stats and you spot all the teams or players that are booked easily. Always remember that apart from a team, a referee or a traditionally hostile match the best red and yellow betting tips is to target specific players. 

How to predict yellow and red cards in betting

If you insist on betting on this special market then you have to keep a detailed archive. On it, you will mark some players  – usually defenders and midfielders – with a less than a gentle approach to the game. They are easy targets for every referee. Also players with an aggressive mentality. Usually, they complain a lot, so the question is in the level of tolerance the referee will have.  Finally bookmark the away games of the underdogs, especially when they are facing the best teams of the league. Their defence will deal with a lot of pressure and that usually means bookings. Yellow cards and maybe even red ones. 

What is the total bookings bet meaning?

The total number of bookings meaning is the actual line a bookmaker gives. Every yellow or red card is rated with a particular value (see details below) and the bookmaker sets the line in a specific number. Then all you need to do is to pick the over/under option and you have your bet. 

How many booking points is a yellow card?

On most bookmakers it is valued with 10 points

How many booking points is a red card?

On most bookmakers it is valued with 25 points

What is card index betting?

In the part of the sportsbook where all the options for booking points bet are found. 

Handicap betting. What does over 3.5 cards mean?

Over 3.5 cards – as in goals or any other handicap betting type –  simply means that if there are 4 or more cards during a match then the over option wins. The 3.5 cards is the most used line from the bookmakers.


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