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ID verification explained

super-administrator July 5, 2019

Usually, after you finish the registration on an online bookmaker, and right before you make your first withdrawal, you will receive a notice from the customer support of your bookie. In it you will be asked to verify your betting account. It is important for them and bookies ask for id as they are obligated to do it.  The verification of your account or KYC (Know Your Customer) as you might find it, is a mandatory prerequisite to bet online. This way the bookmaker will know if you are legally permitted to bet and that the origin of your money is not from criminal activities. In this guide, we will try to explain the most asked questions.


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Why ID verification is important

Bookmakers are obligated by international and local authorities to perform verification checks to their customers, in order to block minors and self-excluded people from gambling. It is also needed to safeguard your account from being used for criminal reasons (money laundering etc). And finally, the account verification will not allow punters to maintain multiple accounts. For all those reasons the ID verification is the first and most important thing to be done when opening an account on a new bookmaker.

How do online betting sites verify your age

The age verification is the first thing any bookmaker – online or not – will ask you to complete. An ID, passport or driver’s licence is the most used documents for that purpose.

KYC betting verification

How do I verify my KYC on an online bookmaker? It’s actually very simple. Let’s take a look at the KYC documents bet365 procedure, probably one of the simplest ones in the industry. 

  1. Login into your bet365 account.
  2. Click “services” in the right top corner section.
  3. Click “Member” from the drop-down menu and select “My Account”
  4. Click “ Know your Customer”
  5. Upload the documents (To verify your age: ID, Passport, Driver’s License), (To verify your address: Passport, Driver’s License – If your address is visible -, Bank Statement, Utility Bill -Internet Connection Bill or Postpaid Mobile bills). 
  6. Within a few hours, your KYC will be completed.

Note that many bookmakers offer additional and sometimes more automated ways to complete the bookmaker verification. For further details, you are advised to contact the customer support department. They will guide you or answer any questions you may have.

Do bookies do credit checks?

kycThey do and they can legally perform these kinds of checks. Some bookmakers mention it in the Terms and Conditions. In financial terminology it is called “soft credit bank” and it serves for ID purposes only. Many punters are concerned that credit checks may affect their credit score or that the bookie may gain access to important information. If you are mistrustful to the fact that “soft credit checks” don’t make any difference to the financial credibility you can always choose a different way to finance your betting account. 

How long does it take for a bookmaker to verify your account?

Usually, it is completed within 24 hours. If your bookie has a proper customer support service it will be settled in just a few hours. In case you don’t get your confirmation email in that time don’t worry. In some cases – especially in the beginning of the footballing season or before big events – it might take a little bit more. It is usually mentioned in the T&Cs.

Your verification has been refused! What now?

kycFirst of all, you have to ask – if the customer support hasn’t already told you – the reason why. Most of the times it is because one of the documents is not valid. For example, many bookmakers require the document that verifies your address to have been issued in the past three months. If it isn’t the case it won’t be accepted and you have to send them an updated one. 

Another case is a blurred photo of a document or having left part of your identification out. Unfortunately, this means that you will be asked to re-send them. Note that some online betting providers will ask you to send them a copy of your bank account before you can withdraw any money. Being unable to perform this check means that it will cancel your KYC procedure. In any case with the guidance of the customer support service, you will be helped to complete the verification. 


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