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Late goals betting strategy

super-administrator May 13, 2019

last minute goal

Late goals betting can be an extremely fun and rewarding type of wagering. Similar to any other type of punting it comes with its own set of rules and strategies. Predicting late goals might seem easy but experience has taught us that it’s far from that. You will need late goals statistics and also knowledge about the teams or leagues that you are about to place your bets and that is not the only one as nerves of steel will help for sure. To find out more simply read our late goals betting guide and find out everything you need to know in your chance to add the info in the best welcome offers betting.

Why should you bet on late goals?

Because you are looking to add value to your game might be the proper answer to that. Of course, there isn’t such thing as a guaranteed win in betting but let us not forget one very significant fact. Besides the statistics you have already studied before the game, you have watched at least ¾ of the match. So you have a pretty clear picture of what is going on on the field. Thus It is easier for you to decide if you want to place a bet and what your bet will be. When you decide to bet, the odds will be close to evens or perhaps more.  Goals scored after 80 minutes is one of the best and safest ways of betting and also puts that welcome thrilling accent to our game.

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Should I back late goals during the first half?

We’ll be clear from the start here. You shouldn’t. You may think that only a fool deals in absolutes, but on this occasion, we are trying to protect your bankroll. You should always keep in mind that this type of bet it’s all about motivation. So when one team really needs to win a match, they probably won’t give all they’ve got at the end of the first half. The most likely minute to score a last goal is always at the end of the second half. Every punter who chooses to place his bets on late goals should know that. The second half goals stats tend to back our opinion in this case. In case you are not convinced and seeing that we don’t like to express any dogmatic and absolute opinions, there are some cases where you can back late goals during the first half. If for example the underdog is ahead and the favorite wants to draw immediately or in a cup competition one team will need more than one goals to qualify for the next round. So they will put high pressure from the start. Note that in both cases it is absolutely recommended to watch the game. It is something you should do in every game that you’ve picked for live betting, but especially in late goals it is essential.

What do stats say about last minute goals?

A punter who prefers to bet on goals (over/under, both teams to score, late goals) needs a detailed statistical database, preferably in the form of a stats site. Are you that type of bettor? Do you trust your “assistant” site? Even if you answered yes in the second question, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you can win those type of bets. For example, during the season 2018-19 in the English Premier League, Crystal Palace scored and conceded 32 goals after the 76th minute. They were by far the top team in this category. They have actually scored and conceded ⅓ of their total seasonal goal in this period. Impressive don’t you think?. But it doesn’t ensure that you can bet and win at late goals on every Crystal Palace match. You also need to consider their opponents, how crucial a match will be, and of course other parameters like the weather, injuries, motivation etc. That’s why you have to watch the game you are about to bet.

Statistics are there to give you the tendency of a match and not predict the outcome. They won’t tell you the exact time of goals scored. Statistics are ample warnings and subtle signs in matches. You have to do the rest of the work yourself.

What is the best league to bet on stoppage time goals?

You might think Bundesliga but rather surprisingly it is not. Premier League teams are those who score more late goals from all the major European championships. Does this mean that if you are into last minute betting you should place your bets on the Premier League? Of course not. At least not as a blind rule. Football late goals come in almost every competition, but they are more likely to happen during the last matchdays of every season or in cup competitions. In general, we could say that the best games for betting in late goals don’t come from specific teams or leagues, but from teams in need. That is if they can score.

What to watch out

Late goals betting seems to be the simplest type of live betting. But before you get too excited there are three necessary steps to follow. First must you find the best late goals betting strategy for your play. Then you should choose the right advisor for you. A trustworthy football statistics site will do the work. And finally, with the help of your advisor, find the game you will eventually place your bets. We are taking for granted that you have already picked the right bookmaker according to the odds and markets.

  • Let’s say Liverpool is hosting Tottenham, and the game is at 1-1 at the hour mark. And guess what, no team will be satisfied with a draw. Manchester City have already won and they are at the top of the board with only two matchdays left. Both title contenders know that if they lose points here, they can kiss their hopes of winning the league goodbye. So as the minutes go by they are ready to risk more and more. This is the point where you as a bettor get into the equation. You wait until the time and odds are right and you place your bet. The general idea about betting into late goals is the teams’ hunger for a goal. In the same manner, you choose the matches you want to bet and just pick the moment.
  • As we said above, the most crucial factor in late betting is motivation. Given of course that the teams are high scoring ones. It has been recorded many times in the past that teams with a desperate need to win didn’t actually make it, simply because they couldn’t score. So sure, motivation is doing all the work here, as long as the players are doing theirs.
  • In addition to the previous parts, the formation the teams are using could in some cases unveil the outcome of a match. An attacking style of play usually means that the teams are playing with 3 players in the box and only two defenders, making them a force to be reckoned up front, but vulnerable at the back So make sure that you know the teams and their style of play before punting.  
  • The first thing you should do is pick the matches of the day with the most potential to have many late goals After that you need to decide the stake you are willing to put on your wager. It is recommended to stick to your guns unless of course a favorite is losing and it is expected to react heavily.
  • Don’t place late goals bets if you are not calm. Seriously don’t. It is important to place your bets at the right odds. Generally speaking, the odds will be at 1.72 up to 1.80 from the 75th to 80th minute. From the 80th to 85th the range will vary from 1.80 to 1.95. Stay calm. The best price for you is evens or more. It may sound hard, especially if you are watching the game and see the pressure escalating. At that point, you should act as a sniper and not as a trigger-happy grunt. Fire only when the time – and odds – are right.

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