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Paysafecard betting guide

super-administrator May 6, 2022

Paysafecard Betting Guide

It is used by more and more people in their everyday online transactions. It is after all an innovative deposit method that many punters adopted to fund their accounts at betting sites. There is a reason why and that reason alongside with some details about using paysafecard can be found in the guide that follows.

How to deposit with Paysafecard

As mentioned before, you have to check if the bookmaker of your choice accepts transactions with Paysafecard. If so, then all you need to do is find the specific deposit option on the bookmaker’s page and make the deposit. Given of course that you have already enough funds in your Paysafecard account. You must, however, know, that most of the time, this paying method is excluded from any betting sites welcome bonus.


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How to make withdrawals with Paysafecard

Same as above, make sure that your bookmaker has the Paysafe card option on the pay-out section. Then all you need to do is fill out the withdrawal form – which varies from bookmaker to bookmaker – and then press the button and it is settled. Note that the amount could be used for future deposits or online buys with your card. Or simply you can take them as cash from an ATM.

There is a small charge here, no more than 3 euros per transaction.

Average time for deposits and withdrawals with Paysafecard

Many punters prefer to use Paysafecard on their transactions noy just because is an easy-to-use method. Mostly they do it because it is fast. How fast. You don’t have to wait more than e few seconds from the time that you press the withdrawal until you see the money in your account.

Paysafecard deposit limits

There are not any. At least theoretically speaking. The vouchers you can buy are 10, 25, 50 and 100 euros. You can buy as many vouchers as you can afford and transform them into betting credits at your account. If there isn’t another sort of limitation by your bookie, you can deposit the same amount you could with any other payment method. Note that with Paysafecard the minimum deposit could be 5 euros, less than any other method.

Paysafecard verification requirements

The process is easy. And can be done quickly, as long as you follow the steps below.

  • Install the paysafecard app on your smartphone.
  • Connect your paysafe account by logging in to the app
  • Use the two-factor authentication

And that’s it. Now, you may ask what is two-factor authentication. You can either connect and of course, verify your account using your goggle account or your mobile.


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Important facts relating to the Paysafecard payment method

For those of you experienced in using e-wallets or even the traditional bank transfer or card ways of funding your betting accounts, the Paysafecard experience might seem strange. In a way is an alternative to turning your cash into betting tokens. You just buy the voucher, enter the 16digit pin code and pretty much that was it. The amount of your betting account has now been refreshed.

The pros and cons of using Paysafecard

It is fast and really easy to use. Anyone can make his/hers Paysafecard payments without any concern. That makes it one of the most popular methods to make your transactions with betting sites.

You can get it easily, as the voucher is sold in thousands of spots. A retailer can be found near you in every part of the planet. And let’s not forget that every transaction is free of fees. Now, as far as the cons of using your Paysafecard account for your betting activities, there is only one. And doesn’t apply to all cases. Some bookmakers eliminate this pay-in method from their offers. So, in that case, you might need to seek an alternative. And some betting sites although they accept Paysafecard as a deposit method when the time comes to withdraw your winnings, they make you do it with a bank transfer. It is a much slowest method and there are some punters that don’t want their gambling money to be placed in their bank account. The last disadvantage of Paysafecard is that is not always at your disposal. Means that you need to get dressed, seek the closest retailer to get the voucher and then follow the procedure of putting in the 16 digit pin code and start playing.

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