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Top 5 + 1 cricket betting strategies

super-administrator January 3, 2022

From our point of view, cricket is a unique sport. You can either love it or hate it. You won’t find people who just happen to watch a single game. Only dedicated fans. That probably why it can be difficult – if you are not a true fan – to bet on cricket match. In this online cricket betting guide we will not try to get into deep sports secrets, but point some things you will not find in any beginners cricket betting guide. So if you are feeling ready to start earning money from cricket and then you must have chosen the perfect bookmaker. Our personal opinion is that the bet365 cricket winning strategy can not be applied in every other bookmaker as only there and on Betfair you can find valued odds.

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#1. Laying the draw on test match

Before going deeper into this cricket betting strategy lets see what a “test match” is. Test match is a game between a country or a group of countries that have been granted the “test” status from the International Cricket Council. Currently, there are 12 teams with the Test Match status. The first two were Australia and England (back in March 15th 1877) and the latest team that joined that elite group is Afghanistan (June 14th 2018). The first record of a test match was between Australia and England from 15 to 19 of March 1877 at Melbourne were Australians won by 45 runs.  

Laying the draw on a test match is probably the most popular strategy for cricket betting among punters. Especially for those who are not used to betting on this sport. One of the main reasons is because it pays every year. Not recommended for the inexperienced bettors though as you have to be patient. Extra patient. During the 5 days of playing you will notice lots of odds swings. So don’t get involved at the first session of the first day. In some cases not even the entire first day. Given that you picked to lay the draw in a clear favourite match the odds for the draw must be something like 5.50 to 5.90. So in an exchange market you will risk 45 euros to win 10. Not much of a risk though, considering that only 27% of this decades matches resulted to draw. But if the match is coming to an end and the draw is now the most likely outcome, you can always put some money in very high odds (at evens or maybe more) to hedge the risk taken. Remember that cricket is not as volatile as tennis or basket, so you can use the slow tempo of the game and the odds movements for your profit.

#2. Weather and coin toss

Cricket strategy and tactics are heavily affected by two factors. The weather and the coin toss. Cricket is probably the most weather influenced sport in the world. So it goes without saying that home teams – especially in test matches – have a crucial advantage over their opponents. If for example Australia are travelling to Pakistan as the absolute favourite then odds for their win should be offered at around 1.80. The bookmaker is taking into consideration the latest form and possible absences and of course which team performs better. But if you really want to know how to bet on cricket and win, then you must always check the weather. There are various weather sites where you can find detailed forecasts about the weather conditions during the match. This precious knowledge can prove to be the most valuable ally.

#3. Betting on the runs

How do you bet on cricket? If you have never bet on cricket, but you are quite experienced bettor on football, then welcome bonus betting on the runs could easily be your initiation market. It’s a lot like the over/under markets and the safest way on how to win on cricket betting. All you need to do is have access to stats in order to be sure that the offered lines have some value. So after you’ve done your homework you’ll be ready to claim your chances in this fascinating sport. But you have to remember that the best opportunities for profit will come In-Play. So make sure that you understand more than the basics about cricket and adopt a reliable cricket live betting strategy.

#4. Top match batsman

There are many betting tactics in cricket, but in order to be more certain about your bet you need to understand the rules and divercities of this sport. But if you are not sure which side will win but still want to bet on a match, you can always bet on the Top match Batsman. It’s like betting on the man of the match in others sports. Of course it requires a basic knowledge of the two teams and some infos about their form, weather conditions etc. So before start reading about cricket winning strategies you might consider finding a betting site with all the needed information.

#5. Man of the match

If you want to bet on this market you must feel pretty certain that you are a seasoned bettor with full understanding of both team’s strengths & weaknesses along with their tactics. If you want to make some money from backing the Man of the Match, then you must be able to recognize how impactful a player might be to the final result. And also remember that cricket winning strategies are seeking value in every bet. So it is a lot better to back a player from the underdogs, but with a significant role in it’s team, than placing your money on a famous player. This might sound a bit strange, but in the long term you will see it pay-out.

#6. 20/20 cricket trading strategies

In cricket as in many other sports the pre-game odds change quite often, allowing for huge opportunities to profit. The weather conditions will be behind most odds movements. So if you are planning to start a career in cricket trading besides a sports/tipping site make sure that you also found a site with reliable forecasts. If you start doing that for a while with some success then you might feel that you can proceed to the next level and learn how to hedge in cricket betting. Just be careful. Trading and hedging can only be done by experienced bettors to be efficient.


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