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Viva Wallet betting guide

super-administrator May 6, 2022

Viva Wallet Betting Guide

Viva Wallet was initially set up in 2000. By a small group of experts in technology. By the end of 2010 developed into a payment service. Makis Antypas is the CIO of Viva Wallet and the Greek Viva Wallet is among the 250 fintech corporations in the world according to the list that was published in CB insights. It is the first European cloud-based system, that provides multichannel payments. Is a principal member of Mastercard and Visa for issuing and acquiring. Its partners are Microsoft, Alipay and PAX. Is crated to change the way you pay and get paid, innovate and change the rules of the game, assisting businesses and online card payments.

How to deposit with Viva Wallet

Viva Wallet accepts payments from all debit, credit and prepaid cards like Mastercard, Maestro, Visa, Visa Electron, Diners, Amex and Alipay. It permits transactions anytime and all weekends including holidays and national holidays. You can deposit cash at Viva Spot by going to the nearest Viva Spot and using the barcode for payments. Your amount will automatically be debited. Via Viva Spot, you can deposit the amount of your choice and take an e-money code which you will use with your viva wallet, by using the button for a top-up. Alternatively transfer with IBAN from bank to bank, without fees, or with a card by entering the name of the cardholder, date of expiry and card number.


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How to make withdrawals with Viva Wallet

In order to make a transaction from Viva Wallet to a card, you have to choose the card you wish to pay by following the procedure. Enter in your Viva Wallet account, choose “transfer” and move to the “credit card” section. Fill in the details of the card and make an initial payment of 1 euro, so in this way, you will check the validity of the card. Mind you this amount will go back to your account and will be available to use. Then apply the 16 digit code that you will receive on your smartphone and that will appear within 10 seconds. Continue with your transaction. The money will be debited within two working days. You can use your Viva Wallet card to withdraw cash from an ATM machine, in Greece and abroad using your balance. The steps may vary from bank to bank and may have some charges.

Average time for deposits

The value date for the Viva Wallet payment account charge, when the user acts as a payer, cannot be prior to the time when the account is charged with the amount of the payment transaction. The value date for Viva Wallet payment account debiting as a payee is the working date, the latest, within which the account is debited with the amount of the payment transaction. So Viva is a perfect way to enjoy your first deposit bonus betting.

Viva Wallet verification requirements

In order to open an account with Viva Wallet, you need your identification card and your code number with the Inland Revenue (TAXIS net). The verification of your data can be obtained through a video call. Your viva wallet card is safe because all your personal data appear only in your Viva Wallet account. In case of theft or loss of your card, you can lock the card from your account within seconds.

Important facts relating to the Viva Wallet payment method

It offers its customers services like an IBAN account, business debit cards for company use or multiple employees and their expenditures like meal vouchers or transportation expenses that are free of charge.

The Acquisition Card fee is 1,16%, and refunds and cancellations are free. For online payments (e-shop and mobile app) and e-commerce transactions, there is a small percentage fee.


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Pros and cons of using Viva Wallet

It is a card that provides you with significant privileges when using it for corporate accounts with a Greek IBAN and gives you the ability to automate and monitor your expenditure for each department, your overheads, or your costs per employee because this card is personalized and you can set the limit of expenditure.

This business debit card can be viewable on your App. With a glance, you can see your closing statement within the next day and has up to 0% transaction fees. Has great customer service. It is simple to set up and use. It provides a white-label payment facility for global use. The cons are very few because there is no available information on Viva Wallet websites or reviews. Sometimes is slow to respond, or has problems with setting up an account.

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