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Why do bookies close accounts

super-administrator May 28, 2019

Bookie restriction is a common thing. It literally happens every day. It is likely that you still haven’t face it – yet – but it’s more than certain that you have heard a story from a friend. Bookies will close winning accounts and if you are lucky you may only escape with some betting limits. Being a winner is simply bad business for them. However, although we all know that soft bookies prefer to deal with recreational players and not winning ones, a simple winning row will most times not result in your account being terminated. To help you deal with this annoying practice we have created an expert guide to help you avoid bookmaker restrictions and limits. By reading it you will find out all the things you need to know on how to stop bookies from limiting your account.

Which bookies do not limit?

As you can see below there are many best bonus betting sitesthat don’t place limits on winning accounts. Simply take some time to browse them to pick whichever is the right one for you.


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How bookmakers deal with winning customers

There are several “tools” that bookies use when they feel threatened by their clients. If you are unlucky or provocative enough to set the alarm, then the bookie will react and take some measures. If you continue betting in the same manner then you should know that once you are branded as a sharp bettor it is really hard to lose this mark. In most cases you will receive your first restrictions as soon as you are flagged.

First of all, you’ll find out that you can’t bet in the amount you were able to. It’s the first step of a bookmaker’s restrictions. If the risk management department of your bookmaker thinks that this is not enough, then you’ll see your bets been cancelled and you will receive a reimbursement of your stake. In some cases, bookies might set limits to the available markets. It’s not the most common thing to do, but it happens. Their clear intention is to make you pick a different league or market as they have decided they won’t let you place your stakes at popular or easy to win market. And if you are still a thorn in their side then you may kiss your account goodbye. You’ll be informed that you have to withdraw your money, usually due to an alleged breach of their terms and conditions and after that, accessing your account will not be permitted. This will end your time at this bookie, but not, of course, your betting career.

How to avoid betting restrictions

Ηow do bookmakers deal with winning customers? As we said above bookies don’t like winners as they prefer to deal with recreational players. We have some suggestions for you though to place you out of their radar. If you have run into a big winning streak – especially if most or all of them are single bets – at some point, this will come to an end. In this case, it is best to place some accumulator bets or if you are an accumulator bettor add a match or two on you usual betslip. This might cause some losses to the balance of your account, but it will blow some smoke to the bookmaker. By doing so you can cover your losses following your winning betting strategy at another bookmaker given of course that you have a different account. If you don’t, well now you have another reason for it.

In addition to this, you might want to delve into the exchange experience. By that, you can lose some money at your bookmaker but get them back, by laying the same bet at the exchange.

Betting is all about finding the right odds or by taking advantage of the mistakes bookmakers will often make. You can do it of course, but you do have to do it carefully and not all the time. For example, don’t place your bet just right after the bookie will set the odds for an event. This is not good for your reputation. Just wait for a couple of days and then make your move if the odds are still valued. Moreover, don’t place a bet if there is much difference in the odds between your bookmaker and all the rest. It will not look good if you do it repeatedly.

Also, don’t place suspiciously bizarre stakes on your bets. It indicates that you have a betting system or you are an arber. Even if it is not your intention but just an obsessive habit round them up.

Can you remove your betting account limits?

Unfortunately not. You can contact of course with your bookmaker and ask them to withdraw the ban, but usually, they don’t change their decision. So if you haven’t been able to “cover” your account as a recreational player, it’s probably the right time to think about your next step. Would it be an exchange? Or bookies that don’t limit winners, the so-called sharp bookies. That won’t trouble you in the future with limits and bans.

You can read here our detailed reviews and find you next bookie. They are all bookies that don’t limit, bookies that don’t close accounts and bookmakers with no stake limits. If you have been banned from the bookies for winning too much, then there is no reason to let it happen again.

You can always join a betting syndicate of course. Don’t worry. It might go against the bookies’ rules but it’s not as shady as you might think. It’s just another way to find the bookie’s mistakes and profit from it. But in a more collective way. It can help you in your battle against the betting sites. Although it might need some of your time and money it is most times worth the effort.

Bookmakers palpable error rule

What is a palpable error? The palpable error in a few words simply means that the bookie voided your bet due to an “obvious mistake”. It is a grey zone and thus the debate starts at the definition of the term “obvious mistake”. Let’s say that the odds for a home win are offered at 2.25 by the majority of the bookmakers and you can find it at 4.50 on yours. How would you call it? Obvious mistake, a marketing pitch or bad judgment by the traders? If you win, the bookmaker will consider it an obvious mistake and will void the bet. Another common example of a palpable error is when the favorite team is priced at the odds of the underdog and vice versa. Usually, this is caused by the human factor. So it comes without saying that in cases like these your attempt to exploit it will not be tolerated.  

The solution to this is to place a bet via phone or at a betting shop and ask for the operator to confirm the odds. If for example, you see  “strange” odds that attract your interest, do confirm it before placing your bet. This is the safest way to avoid unpleasant surprises when it’s time to settle the betslip.   

Frequently asked questions

Can bookies refuse to pay out?

Can a bookmaker void a bet? Of course, they can, and they’ve done it in several cases. All with a cause though. Usually, their claim is that the bettor took advantage of wrong odds. Remember that you have already agreed with their Terms and Conditions upon signing up. This means that the bookies now have the right to change their odds, refuse to accept or void bets etc. So before making any complaints read again the T&C and then ask the bookie for the reason you are not getting paid.  

Do bookies have to pay out by law?

No, they are not obligated to do so by any law. And if you ask yourself what should you do in cases like these, there are actually two ways to settle it. Either you contact the bookie via the customer support and make your complaint or you can turn to us to mediate with the bookie.

Are betting sites allowed to set a minimum bet limit?

This is one of the most common questions punters ask along with “can bookies cancel bets?”. We put both questions in the same paragraph just because we want to make it clear. Bookmakers can do whatever they feel right protecting their rights. Their only obligation is their actions to be harmonized with the domestic laws. Setting bets limits is one and probably the most powerful weapon in their arsenal.  

Is it legal for betting sites to limit your account?

It is not fair, but it is totally legal. As an increasing number of bookies employ this practice, many outsiders to the industry have branded betting sites as being predatory. And although we also think that bookies ought to treat their customers fairly, there is little anyone can do to force them to abide by winning customers. If a punter wants to take some measures, all he has to do is pick a bookmaker which has a more tolerant reputation.

Are betting sites allowed to set a minimum bet limit?

Unless you are an Australian resident then bookies are free to set any stake or market limits. Bookies are just like any other private business. Ιf you are winning more than what you are losing, then they probably limit your account or even terminate it. What can you do? Choose bookies that never limit, like Pinnacle for example, or a betting exchange.

Can a bookmaker cancel a bet??

Yes, of course, they can. Especially if you are betting constantly on unnaturally high odds. This will trigger the alarm, the bookmaker will flag you as an arber, your bets will be cancelled and eventually, your account will be closed.



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