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Best betting sites in the Philippines

super-administrator January 9, 2022

The Philippines, a country known around the globe as an amazing vacation destination for its endless beaches and fascinating islands, is also the home of over 175 languages to make one of the most diverse nations in the world. Of course, when talking about famous Filipino sports figures, Manny Pacquiao stands out immediately. And also from a sporting perspective, the Philippines is the first Asian country to put together a Basketball Association.

With their passion for basketball and boxing, it’s only natural that Filipino citizens also turn to betting and gambling on a regular basis. It is estimated that 38% of adult citizens are involved in gambling activities on a monthly basis. With such a good rate of participation at online betting sites, the Philippines is a thriving region. The authorities are also supporting a wide range of gambling activities through PAGCOR – the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation – an agency that operates the land-based casinos, betting outlets in the country and also issues licenses for sports betting sites Philippines. However, the situation is not as straightforward as it seems and we’ve prepared an in-depth analysis of the betting sites the Philippines has to offer and the legal situation as well.

Top bookmakers in the Philippines


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How Betting Takes Place in the Philippines

Betting and gambling are present in the Philippines for a long time, with the first documented gambling practices dating back to the 16th century. However, it took the local authorities many years until the first Philippines betting law was enacted. Gambling was for the first time regulated when the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation was established back in 1976, under President Ferdinand Marcos. It was a state-owned company that immediately gained total control on betting and gambling activities within the country. PAGCOR’s monopoly over Philippines betting companies was extended all the way to 2032 and the company controls the vast majority of the Philippines, except Cagayan – a special economic zone and freeport.

With the boom of Philippines online sports betting, both regions started to issue licenses for online bookies. The odd thing about the licenses issued in the country is that the license holders can’t offer Philippines sports betting services to local punters. However, there is no law preventing punters from enjoying international online betting sites with no connection with the Filipino betting regulators. This makes the Philippines betting legal landscape quite permissive compared to other countries in Asia. 

The most popular betting markets in the Philippines remain Sabong (cockfighting), the domestic football league as well as the big European championships, basketball ( both NBA and PBA ), boxing, and Sepak Takraw

betting sites Philippines

Things Every Betting Site in the Philippines Must Offer

Since there are no restrictions for Philipino punters accessing the best online betting sites Philippines and as a result, the demand is high. This means that bookies need to put in some effort to seem appealing for punters. The best online betting Philippines-orientated websites have to make sure they deliver high odds on a wide range of football, basketball and boxing markets. It goes without saying that NBA betting sites Philippines will also have a slight advantage over the ones not offering NBA in their list of competitions.

Thanks to Manny Pacquiao, boxing is extremely popular in the country so good odds for boxing markets are also a must. Also, to make matched betting sites Philippines even more attractive, being able to bet using PHP currency is also recommended. Despite the English language is widespread in the country, a bookie with a fully-translated website and customer support in the local language is always going to get some extra points. The same goes for the ones offering advantageous UAAP Philippines betting odds.

Can Punters from the Philippines Access Foreign Betting Sites?

There’s no law preventing Filipino punters from enjoying online bookmakers situated in other countries. Therefore, punters are free to join any bookmaker or eSports betting site Philippines has to offer with no risks whatsoever. Actually, with the locally-licensed bookmakers not being allowed to accept Filipino punters, the only option is to go with foreign bookmakers Philippines-orientated. And that’s a great advantage since the odds and services are way better at international betting sites. 

What Payment Methods Can I Use on Filipino Betting Sites?

paymentWith no laws in place to restrict access of Filipino punters to international betting sites, there’s nothing to pose any threat to being able to use a wide range of payment options at these websites. There aren’t any PayPal betting sites Philippines, however, other ewallets like Neteller, Skrill, and EcoPayz are holding a good share of the market. Also, credit and debit cards are also available, however, the percentage of Filipino citizens with a bank account or a credit card isn’t that high. Filipino punters wanting to enjoy Philippines basketball betting sites can also use pre-paid vouchers for increased security.

Are Betting Exchanges Available in the Philippines?

There are no betting exchanges licensed in the Philippines. Even if there were betting exchanges licensed by PAGCOR, these were not able to take bets from local punters. So, the only option to enjoy the services of top exchanges like Betfair, Smarkets, Betdaq or Matchbook is to simply access their websites and create an account. With no restrictions from the authorities, the only thing to worry about is the betting exchange accepting players from the Philippines. Compared to sports betting Filipino websites, betting exchanges can offer improved odds and the opportunity to bet on markets that wouldn’t be available as a standard. 

Where can I File a Complaint About a Filipino Betting Site?

Considering that you are unable to access the PAGCOR licensed operators, there’s no local authority to contact in case you run into trouble. However, when betting at international bookmakers, you can get in touch with the MGA, UKGC or any other licensing authority that granted the license. We’re here to help you with any type of issue that may come up during the betting process so don’t hesitate to send us a message as well.


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