Real Madrid broke the rules and will face a tremendous ban!

John Sampson May 18, 2023
Real Madrid broke the rules and will face a tremendous ban!

Real Madrid managed to win against Getafe 1-0 this weekend, despite many changes in the starting eleven. The Merengues had to compete against Man City in the Champions League semi-finals twice in a week, so Ancelotti wanted to rest some of his stars.

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Marco Asensio scored the only goal of the game but his mistake later on could be crucial for the team at the end of the season. During Real’s fifth and final substitution, Marco Asensio gave space to Odriozola to be subbed in. And that is where the trouble begins. Real wanted Camavinga to leave, who picked up an injury some moments ago.

Camavinga substituted in instead and Asensio stayed on the pitch. Getafe believes that Asensio should have made way and he shouldn’t have been allowed to swap himself with Camavinga.

We don’t know yet who made this fault: Real Madrid or the officials. Getafe is in the relegation zone and will push a lot to get something out of this. The rules state that Real could face a point deduction. La Lifa forwarded the complaint to Ancelotti’s side waiting for a response.

This situation could mean that Real will finish third under the well-improved Atletico Madrid in a season where the team lost La Liga to Barcelona easily.

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