Robertson appears to be elbowed by the assistant referee during Liverpool vs Arsenal

John Sampson April 10, 2023
Robertson appears to be elbowed by the assistant referee during Liverpool vs Arsenal

It all seemed like a bit of a joke but a rival video showed Paul Tierney’s assistant referee Constantine Hatzidakis elbowing Andrew Robertson at halftime of the Liverpool vs Arsenal clash. The Scotland captain was furious and confronted the linesman about some first-half decisions, while he was walking onto the football field. The referee threw his arm at Robertson’s neck. The left-back was booked for complaining while Liverpool’s players could not be calm after the referee’s way of managing the match.

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The Football Association and PGMOL, Premier League’s referee’s body stated that they are aware of the incident between the two sides and will investigate the situation trying to conclude. The linesman may face severe punishment. At first, the PGMOL decided to take him off duty for the remainder of the season, while FA investigates the situation. Many think that Hatzidakis has been provoked, but his actions led to “violent conduct”, meaning he can be suspended for three matches.

Reacting in a way that he shouldn’t have reacted means that his career may be jeopardised. Match officials can’t lose their composure midgame, controlling their emotions during the match. All these speculations are the Mitrovic issue back on the surface, as Fulham’s attacker is on an 8-game suspension for pushing referee Chris Cavanagh last month.

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See the incident

Robertson appears to be elbowed

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