Stunning referee Manuela Nicolosi wows everyone at the World Cup

Angelos Anastassopoulos June 26, 2023
Manuela Nicosi

Women’s football is more popular than ever. The 2023 Women’s World Cup is expected to be the most profitable in history and the players are creating their own personal fanbases. But one individual stuns everyone at the tournament and is not a footballer. It is Manuela Nicolosi, the hottest referee of the World Cup in Australia and New Zealand.

Many asked who she might be when they saw her running across the throw-in line, as Stephanie Frappart’s assistant. Together they have broken all stereotypes, as they (alongside Irish Michelle O’Neill) became the first female trio to officiate at a men’s European Super Cup, in 2019.

Half Italian, half French, she has lived in Rome, Florence, Paris, and Lyon, where she now resides with her daughter, Celeste.

Apart from officiating at the 2019 Super Cup, which Liverpool won on penalties, against Chelsea, she has been called to two Women’s World Cups (this will be her third) and two Olympic Games.

On top of being an excellent assistant referee, with a long stint at the prestigious Ligue 1, she is a drop-dead gorgeous woman. She has more than 150,000 Instagram followers, and she has plenty of partnerships with nutrition brands, working as an ambassador.

Her fit physique (amazing at the age of 43), blonde hair and bright blue eyes have captivated everyone at the World Cup. Were would you rank her, next to the most beautiful players of the World Cup?

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