Golden Chance Lotto Nigeria Review

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Lotteries have always been popular in Nigeria, but a new format, introduced in the early 2000s, took the country by storm. One of the oldest and the most popular to follow this motive is Golden Chance Lotto Nigeria, founded by Winners Golden Chance Ventures in 2005. It features a minimum of 6 draws per day, seven days a week, while tickets are available both online and all over the land, with over 11,000 green kiosks waiting in every city and town in Nigeria.

Golden Chance

How to play the lotto in Nigeria

Golden Chance is based on the typical numbers lotto format, issuing a number of unique twists. At its core, it remains simple and easy to grasp. To create a Golden Chance Ticket, you pick from a pool of numbers, ranging from 1 to 90. In every draw, five balls are randomly selected. These are the winning numbers and players who have picked all or some of them are declared winners. This procedure is standard for every lottery in the world, like the very popular Euromillion in the EU and Powerball in the US. Golden Chance Lotto, however, offers a lot more depth than that. There are 11 bet types, separated into five categories, meaning there will be eleven different Golden Chance lotto results, even if they are based on the same five drawn balls. Let us see how each bet type works:

Direct bets

There are four different direct bet subcategories, from Direct 2 to Direct 5, depending on the number of choices you make. You choose a minimum of two and a maximum of five numbers to bet on and you then pick a stake, as the more money you bet, the biggest the payout. If all your numbers are drawn, then you automatically win. This is obviously the hardest-to-win betting format, but it is also the most profitable.


This is the simplest type of bet. You pick one number and if it is drawn among the five selected balls, you are declared a winner.

Direct 1

Direct 1, also known as First Box, is similar to a Banker bet, with the difference that your selected ball needs to be the first one drawn from the pot in order for you to win. Many players use Golden Chance Lotto Forecasts, based on recent draws, to identify hot numbers and sleepers.


There are four permutation-type formats. Players can choose up to 15 numbers, hoping to match as many as possible with the ones drawn. Perm 2 starts paying out from 2 correct guesses, while Perm 5 only pays out if your selected numbers include all five drawn ones.


In this format, you pick up to five golden chance numbers and pitch them against a range of other numbers. In order to win, at least one number from the main selection and one from the “against” spread has to be drawn.

How much do I win on Golden Chance Lotto

Winnings depend on the type of bet and the amount paid. Here you see the complete list of odds, depending on the betting format:

  • Direct 1: 40 x Amount Paid
  • Direct 2: 240 x Amount Paid
  • Direct 3: 2100 x Amount Paid
  • Direct 4: 4000 x Amount Paid
  • Direct 5: 75000 x Amount Paid
  • Perm 2: 240 x Amount Paid
  • Perm 3: 2100 x Amount Paid
  • Perm 4: 4000 x Amount Paid
  • Perm 5: 75000 x Amount Paid
  • Banker: 240 x Amount Paid
  • Against: Depends on the number of selections

How to play Golden Chance lotto


A loyalty programme awaits frequent players. Every purchased ticket has a unique serial number. These numbers (including losing tickets) periodically take part in a draw and the selected numbers could win household items, gadgets, cash, or even international vacations. 

The pros and cons of Golden Chance Lotto

In order to write our Golden Chance Lotto Nigeria review, we tested all betting types and all methods of playing. Here are the most important pros and cons:


✔️ Easy to place a bet online
✔️ Winnings are not taxed
✔️ Sales points all over Nigeria
✔️ Unique betting formats
✔️ Multiple draws every day
✔️ Appealing promotions
✔️ 100% safe and reliable


❌ Registration is mandatory
❌ SMS betting needs some refining
❌ Most profitable bets are hard to win

Golden Chance Lotto Results

Golden Chance Result for today is always posted on the company website. You can check the winning numbers, as well as the nicknames of the winners. It might as well be you and you may have not even noticed.

How can you play the Lotto successfully and win

Playing the lotto is a form of entertainment. The excitement and adrenaline every draw brings should be at least part of the goal and we should never bet more than we can afford to. This being said, there are ways to increase your chance of winning. After all, it is all about the money. 

  1. Buy more tickets.
    If you tend to bet on Banker or Direct bets, it might be wiser to spread your budget among a number of tickets. Instead of going all-in on one number, split it into four or five different ones. Winnings will not be as high, but they will be more frequent.
  2. Don’t choose consecutive numbers.
    Studies have shown that the most common winning numbers’ sum is between 208-252. This means that if we add up the numbers of the five balls drawn, the most common addition result will be in this range.
  3. Understand that every number has the same probability
    There is no software predicting winning numbers. Don’t fall for that. Just go with your gut feeling.
  4. Unpopular numbers can be valuable
    Most people pick the number of a specific date (i.e. birthday) or the one worn by their favourite footballer. But numbers 1-31 have the same chances as 86, 59, and 78.
  5. Play the right game
    Pick your betting type based on your budget and on the wanted outcome. If you don’t mind losing a number of times before you go big, pick harder and more profitable betting types. If you want to win more frequently, you better stick with permutation bets.

The importance of lotteries in the Nigerian economy

One of the perks of Golden Chance Lottery is that all winnings are tax-free. You will get the complete amount, regardless of how much that may be. That’s great news. But at the same time, it doesn’t mean that the Nigerian economy doesn’t profit as well. Lottery providers, including Winners Golden Chance Ventures, pay state and federal taxes, proportionally to their profit. That makes lotteries a very important industry for the country and the state coffers.

Conclusion – Is it worth playing?

Golden Chance is one of the most highly-regarded lotteries in Nigeria. For nearly two decades it has been a staple for lotto players in the land and there is a reason why. Lotto is fun and exciting, but it has to be done safely. You can’t go wrong with this particular one. Its online feature is spot-on, winnings are not taxed and if you prefer to play in a brick-and-mortar shop, you can find a kiosk almost on every corner, in every city in Nigeria. But the most important part is that you are in command of your game. With 11 betting features, you can choose the one that meets your needs and enjoy the lotto the way you want it.


Are my winnings taxed?

There’s some great news here. Lotto prizes are exempted from taxation in Nigeria. Its providers and lottery retailers are the ones that have to pay business taxes, both in the federal and state scope. This practically means that if you win, even if you win big, the money is yours and yours alone.

Why do I have to register?

It doesn’t matter if you prefer to play online, via SMS, or by visiting one of the 11,000 green kiosks all around Nigeria. Prior to your first bet, you have to register. This will protect your winnings, as you won’t risk losing the winning ticket before cashing it.

How to play Golden Chance Lotto Online?

Buying your ticket online is as easy as it gets. After setting up an account on the official website, you can easily select your game, type of bet and select your favourite numbers (or you can just opt for a random selection). The ticket cost will appear on your screen and you can make your payment via debit card, bank transfer, Interswitch, or most e-wallets, such as Quickteller, Skrill, and Neteller.

How to win Golden Chance Lotto?

There are 11 different game modes and a minimum of six draws a day. Every draw produces five numbers and you win if you have selected all or some of them, depending on the game. Direct bets have you selecting one to five numbers, hoping you get it all right, while in perm functions you can select multiple numbers, trying to get a minimum amount. There is also an Against feature, in which you set two sets of numbers against each other.

How to check Golden Chance Lotto Results?

Every Golden Chance result is posted online, on the company’s website. If you have won, you will also get a confirmation email, at the address you have provided on your registration form.

Is Golden Chance Lotto Nigeria safe?

Winners Golden Chance Ventures Limited is regulated by the National Lottery Regulatory Commission (NLRC), Lagos State Lotteries Board (LSLB), and licenced in every state in which it has a branch office. We are talking about a legal and seasoned company. For more than 15 years it has been paying winners and no problems have been reported.

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