Chelsea vs Dortmund Prediction (7 March) – Who dares bet against Borussia?

John R. Baldwin March 6, 2023
Chelsea vs Dortmund betting Brandt

The first two teams to reach the 2022-23 Champions League Quarter-Finals are being decided tonight. Benfica are all but through, after beating Club Brugge 2-0 in Belgium. It is the other match, Chelsea vs Dortmund, where the stakes are truly high. Not only when it comes to qualification, but also when Graham Potter’s job is concerned. Here is my Chelsea vs Dortmund prediction, for the Champions League Round of 16, plus something from a less prestigious, but equally as fascinating (betting-wise) competition, the English League One.

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I will not touch Benfica vs Club Brugge. I think the outcome is set in stone and I don’t have any desire to get tangled in this web. It is the other game, Chelsea vs Dortmund, that fascinates me. So let’s get moving.

Chelsea vs Dortmund Prediction

Sometimes, things are simple. Terribly simple. Let’s see how Chelsea and Borussia Dortmund have performed so far in 2023. It’s a pretty decent sample, of two full months. During this time, Chelsea have two wins, four draws, and six losses, in twelve matches. At the same time, Dortmund have played two games less. In those ten matches, they have ten wins. We are dealing with the only team in Europe’s Big-5 leagues to be undefeated in this time period. And not only that, they haven’t even given out a draw.

Yes, some might argue that the level of play in the Premier League is higher. How much higher, though? I will kindly remind you what was said about Erling Haaland’s scoring prowess in Germany (incidentally with Dortmund), when he was transferred to Manchester City. He scored plenty at a “farmers’ league” but he wouldn’t do the same in all-mighty England. Well, he does. Like nobody ever has.

I don’t get the odds. Chelsea, a team in crisis, is the favourite here. Why? I will back red-hot Dortmund to qualify in 90 minutes, aka win or draw.

This might cause Graham Potter to be fired. I don’t think his players will be all that devastated. He has reportedly lost the dressing room and there is already talk about who will be Chelsea’s next manager.

I also have a second bet on this Chelsea vs Dortmund match, and that is Julian Brandt to score. He is in great shape recently and the team will most likely play without Moukoko or Adeyemi, so the German winger will touch the box more often.

Cheltenham vs Lincoln City

Here we have another Chelsea vs Dortmund case. Cheltenham only have one win in their last twelve games. The team is silently imploding and the threat of relegation is getting real. Lincoln, on the other hand, are undefeated in their last 9 games, with only one of those 9 producing more than two goals.

It is the numbers and stats that push my hand towards this bet. Lincoln to win or draw and under 2,5 goals is my combo here.

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League On - 07/03/2023 7:45 pm
League On - 07/03/2023 7:45 pm Cheltenham Lincoln City Lincoln to Win or Draw + Under 2.5 Goals 2.25
Champions League - 07/03/2023 8:00 pm
Champions League - 07/03/2023 8:00 pm Chelsea Dortmund Dortmund to Win or Draw 1.92
Champions League - 07/03/2023 8:00 pm
Champions League - 07/03/2023 8:00 pm Chelsea Dortmund J. Brand Anytime Scorer 4.50

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