El Clasico Prediction: No Pedri, no party

John R. Baldwin March 1, 2023
Pedri El Clasico Prediction

Do you remember that ad from 18 years ago (wow, I feel old)? Where George Clooney appears at a girl’s door for a party but he is denied entrance because he is not holding an overrated liquor? A woman saying no to 2007 George Clooney? Please… How does this tie to my El Clasico Prediction? The title spoils it, but keep on reading.

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El Clasico Prediction

Both Real Madrid and Barcelona are in a bit of a slump here. They showed weaknesses in their last La Liga matches and their first-leg game for the Copa del Rey seems like a chance for both to redeem themselves. But with the second leg coming up in Barcelona on the 5th of April, tonight’s result will certainly be important, but it is not the all-deciding fixture.

Last week was a mixed bag of feeling for Madrid fans. First, their team came from behind to absolutely destroy Liverpool 5-2 at Anfield. A few days later, a draw in the Madrid derby, hosting Atletico, was the best Carlo Ancelotti’s men could get out of it.

As for Barcelona, Europa League elimination at the hands of Manchester United was painful enough, but it was followed by an abysmal outing against Almeria. Xavi made an extensive rotation and that hurt his team. But if there is one thing to pinpoint was Pedri’s absence. The 20-year-old midfielder is already vital for his club. He is the lungs, the motivating power, and the main playmaking option for a Barcelona team that is getting better but is not there yet.

And here is where the George Clooney comparison is coming in handy. As the young lady said to George at the door, “No branded prosecco? No party!” It was harsh but in all actuality, the “No Pedri? No party!” tagline is far more real, far more believable, and far more true.

There are some integral players missing this Real Madrid vs Barcelona Copa del Rey semi-final. Carlo Ancelotti cannot depend on the injured Mendy, Alaba, and Rodrygo. But Barcelona’s injury list is filled with the most important cogs to Xavi’s machine. Dembele is replaceable, but the same cannot be said about Gavi and Robert Lewandowski. Without those two (and yes, I am prioritising the youngster) Barcelona are a different team. One that Madrid can beat.

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Copa del Rey - 02/03/2023 10:00 pm
Copa del Rey - 02/03/2023 10:00 pm Real Madrid Barcelona Madrid to Win 2.40

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