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Premier League Predictions: Underdogs? I don’t think so!

John R. Baldwin February 24, 2023

The most crucial match of the weekend in England is the EFL Cup Final tomorrow at Wembley. Until we get there, though, there are betting opportunities. Today I am banking on some high odds for my Premier League Prediction (plus a small something from the Championship). Let’s dive into it.

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The biggest game of the evening is the Madrid derby, but I find it so difficult to read it and come up with a pick

West Ham United vs Nottingham Forest Prediction

Take a look at the odds. West Ham are offered at 1.80, Forest at 4.70. Why is that? Is the home team higher in the Premier League standings? No. As a matter of fact, West Ham are 5 points behind Forest.

West Ham may have a better recent record. Again, this is as far from true as possible. West Ham have one win in the past 10 Premier League games, with a tally of 6 points in that timeframe. At the same time, Nottingham Forest have only two defeats in the last 10 games, for a total of 16 points.

I just cannot understand the logic behind the odds. Yes, maybe West Ham will finally fight back. But until they do, I am betting against them.

West Bromwich vs Middlesbrough Prediction

If the odds of the previous game made little sense, the ones here make none at all. Middlesbrough are third in the league and are on a scary run of 9 wins in 10 games. As for West Brom, they are a typical mid-table team once again and on a rather bad run. They have three defeats in 5 matches. And they are still the favourites here? Why? Nobody knows.

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Premier League - 25/02/2023 3:00 pm
Premier League - 25/02/2023 3:00 pm West Ham Nott'm Forest Forest to Win or Draw 2.03
English Championship - 25/02/2023 3:00 pm
English Championship - 25/02/2023 3:00 pm West Brom Middlesbrough Middlesbrough to Win 2.95

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For the past decade, John has been working as a blogger and radio show host, providing expert analysis and predictions on football games. He has built a large following thanks to his in-depth understanding of the sport and his ability to provide accurate betting tips.
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