F1 2023 Saudi Arabia GP Predictions: Verstappen and Red Bull keep smashing

John Sampson March 17, 2023
F1 2023 Saudi Arabia Predictions

Someone would say “same old” referring to Red Bull’s ability to be the best car on the track. The F1 2023 Bahrain GP proved not just that. Horner keeps the stakes high, but at the same time, all the other teams and drivers seem very confused with their off-season achievements. Ferrari and Mercedes have reliability issues (for different reasons each) and are far behind the current champions. Only Aston Martin is competitive enough to be a positive surprise at this point of the season. In Jeddah, Red Bull will have its chance to achieve the second win in a row, while everyone else must prove their value.

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F1 2023 Saudi Arabia GP Predictions

Having all that in mind, let’s see my Formula One predictions, accompanied by the best F1 betting strategies. This weekend will keep the interest alive.

Huge time differences on top

Verstappen is inevitable right now. The Dutchman wins every single Grand Prix, while Sergio Perez is a teammate to count on. If Red Bull wins this one, the difference between the winner and the second in the grid will be elevated in over 10 seconds. Keeping in mind that Leclerc has faced a 10-seat penalty, Red Bull will not have many serious contenders.

Sainz for the first Ferrari podium

Ferrari needs to bounce back as soon as possible. As I mentioned below though, Leclerc will miss valuable minutes until reaching the top spots. In Bahrain, Carlos Sainz looked really well under the new car. I believe that Alonso will not finish in the top-3 again, while both Mercedes are far behind. Carlos is the team’s only hope and will try to pull this out.

A better race for Alpine

Ocon was one of the first DNF of the season in Bahrain. Gasly finished on points, a most accurate result for the French team. Otmar Szafnauer stated that the team is better than what happened in Bahrain and I truly believe that, so I will still count on the ability of both drivers to finish on points.

A serious amount of DNFs lead to safety cars

The track in Jeddah is crash-prone. In Bahrain, there were three DNFs, the product of construction issues in many cars. These are the only valuable clues to count on. So I not only see a safety car on the horizon but also at least the same quitting percentage as the first GP of the season.

Verstappen to finish first both on Saturday and Sunday

The Dutch champion’s superiority is yet to be judged. He seemed sick this weekend, but he already won in FP1, so what will he do when he is healthy? The track is what Red Bull wants, so Max will find his solutions, not only on Sunday but also on Saturday, taking the pole position. The odds to finish first on both days make me deliver no bold prediction, but a mediocre one.

F1 2023 Saudi Arabia GP Tips

  • Margin of Victory: Over 10 seconds @ 2.25 (10bet)
  • Sainz to reach Podium @ 3.30 (MrPlay)
  • Both Alpines in the Top-10 @ 3.00 (888sport)
  • Over 1,5 Safety Cars @ 2.10 (10bet)
  • Verstappen to Win both on Pole Position and in Race @ 1.85 (888sport)

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