FA Cup Predictions: A risk worth taking

John R. Baldwin February 28, 2023

There are only so many stages in world football as mystical as the FA Cup. The oldest football tournament is here for the 142nd time. After yesterday’s results, three Premier League teams and one representing the Championship are in the quarter-finals. And they are waiting for four more to join them. Four Premier League clubs, two Championship sides, one from League One, and One from League Two will fight for the remaining quarter-final spots.

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FA Cup Predictions

From the moment the draw was made, I was fixed on two games. According to my betting playbook, there is no such thing as betting on the favourite in the FA Cup, so finding those potential upsets is one of my most beloved hobbies. Before we move to my actual FA Cup predictions, let’s get out of the way the two games I crossed out.

Burnley will most likely beat Fleetwood Town, but there is no betting value. And I don’t know how much will Burnley step on the throttle to go for a goal strategy. As for Manchester United vs West Ham, I am not that confident, but I cannot find value in the underdog either. But

Okay. I glossed over what I’m not betting on. Time for the main dish, the real FA Cup Predictions.

Southampton vs Grimsby Prediction

There is so much to unravel here. Southampton are in a dark pit. There is no way you can argue that. They are dead last in the Premier League. There is no time or energy left for the Cup. But then Grimsby is a League Two team. A bottom-half League Two team to be exact. The odds for Grimsby’s win are rather low, at 8.75. I was initially entertaining the thought of going for the Grimsby to win or draw option. But I just can’t pull the trigger on it.

I feel more confident wagering on Both Teams to Score. Southampton’s benchwarmers have more quality than the Grimsby starters, but things are so bad for the Saints, that I can’t see them leaving the ground unscathed.

Sheffield United vs Spurs

Here is where I am indeed pulling the trigger. Sheffield United are practically a Premier League team playing in the Championship. If Spurs perform a minor rotation, I can see the home team pulling off an upset, or at least going to extra-time.

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FA Cup - 01/03/2023 7:15 pm
FA Cup - 01/03/2023 7:15 pm Southampton Grimsby Both Teams to Score 1.95
FA Cup - 01/03/2023 7:55 pm
FA Cup - 01/03/2023 7:55 pm Sheffield United Spurs Sheffield Utd to Win or Draw 2.05

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